Lua Hadar with TWIST / Press

“Hadar is a well known advocate of world peace and “Like A Bridge” encourages people to be like a bridge to each other; to promote bridging languages, culture, ideas….impressive…brilliant… an international group of superb musicians …an extraordinary achievement.”

“...beyond language, beyond words—pure yearning...eclectic jazz set ranging from ballad and bossa to rumba and waltz, swing, funk, and cha-cha... tasty treatments of standards from Cole Porter, Blossom Dearie, and Frank Churchill as well as French originals from such luminaries as Hubert Yves Giraud, Maxime Le Forestier, Charles Trenet, and Michel Legrand. The mix proved marvelous. And not only could she pull off the French with due charm, but her voice offered the full roundness and savor of a vintage Bordeaux...Martineau's playing was top-shelf, as bold and inventive as his arranging. He also assembled a high-octane group of NYC session players to round out TWIST's tang and punch. As an ensemble, TWIST truly found its rhythm in Martineau's own composition, "Floating Where I Have Never Been," and an intriguing number that wedded the melodic structures of Bronislaw Kaper's "Hi Lilli Hi Lo" and "Les Chemins de L'amour" by Francis Poulenc.”

“MC:You refer to your music as “Music without borders.” What is your conceptualization of this? LH: My objective in singing an eclectic song list is that the audience gets to experience a feeling of unity. … so that they can feel one with the other people in the audience, listening to the concert. I feel like world music has a very altruistic objective of helping to create world harmony...”

“Prior to her May concert tour in France, Lua Hadar and her high-octane band, TWIST, perform French Connection. Their "jazz without borders" is spiced with pop, funk, Latin and international cabaret. Vocals: Lua Hadar, Piano: Jason Martineau, Bass: Tom Hubbard, Drums & Percussion: Vince Cherico, Reeds: Dave Riekenberg, Jazz Accordion: Ron Oswanski. Cornelia Street Cafe, 29 Cornelia Street in Greenwich Village, New York City 10014; $10 plus 2-drink or food min. Full menu, full bar. Reservations: 212-989-9319. www.corneliastreetcafe.com”