LTrain / Press

“Featuring more from Queens; NYC rockers LTrain will be making a noise December 5 at the Paper Box in honor of their just released album Can’t Pay Bills, while also running a can drive in conjunction with NYC’s Food Bank. It’s head banging hedonism with a heart, and thrashed out pop primed to destroy the fabric of your speakers.”

“The closest I can get to putting a label on LTrain is that they’re like if Lily Allen was backed by Living Colour. The vocals can instantly switch from sweet and poppy to bluesy or vitriolic, and the heavy, complicated riffs seem to come straight from Vernon Reid’s fingers while retaining an accessible sound.”

“L Train are pretty damn proud to be from NYC, and they're not afraid to show it with songs such as “Party on Bedford” to “The Rent Is Still to Damn High.” The funk rock band are set to drop their new release Can't Pay Bills in the near future. Catch them perform at The Cake Shop on October 11.”

“It’s time to let the funk loose, and here to help us with that task is New York City’s LTrain. Diffuser is excited to parter with the funk-rock trio to unveil their latest track, ‘The Rent Is Still Too Damn High,’ in the audio player below. LTrain started their career as buskers on New York’s subway system, so they know a thing or too about the city. ‘The Rent Is Still Too Damn High’ is featured on their upcoming album, ‘Can’t Pay Bills,’ a concept album exploring the highs and lows of New York City life. It shouldn’t be any surprise that this particular song was inspired by Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High political party (McMillan ran for Mayor in New York in 2010).”

“L TRAIN, with their (Genre) Funk Alternative Dance Rock, was memorable, with the rhymatic pulse of the drum, and it charismatic vocalist. Really was a crowd pleaser. Fans described their performances as, “Only two words can describe it: awe and some. Got some good pictures too. Hope to catch more of you soon. New fan here”.”

“L Train captures the diversity of New York City’s population in a unified and original fashion, offering a Rock persona with genuinely funky songs. It’s their punk edge that changes everything- this is the kind of music that makes you feel like a badass,and certainly their live show will also exhibit this trait. With a sound strongly influenced by Led Zeppelin and No Doubt, it’s no wonder that the lead singer Crystalla Gonzales has enough of an electric energy and voice to give an entire stadium cardiac arrest.”

“newcomers L Train (the band formed in January!), who take advantage of their multicultural roots to blend different flavors of rock, set off by the Janis Joplin-esque vocals of Crystalla Gonzalez.”

"They’re young, they’re talented and they’re part of an emerging rock scene with roots planted firmly in Queens."

“--performed their single “Bedford Ave.” at The Lounge 659 in Brooklyn on September 16th. This funky performance would make anyone dance, whether you so the performance live or you’re a YouTube viewer.”

“L Train are a fairly new group–they formed in January of this year–but are already on a roll, with their screaming, female-fronted funky sound.”