L Shape Lot / Press

"L Shape Lot takes the most beloved qualities of Union Station, Alabama, and the Del McCoury Band and rolls them into a comprehensive roots album that, in an overall sense, almost defies classification"

Ryan Snyder - Yes Weekly

“ There's a smoothness here that comes from a dovetailing of L Shape Lot's musical parts. The band is led by a pair of singer/guitarists. Eric Miller's deep, earthy vocals blend perfectly with the sweet, higher-pitched tones of Alex Lanier. Drummer John Kovalski and bassist Rick Williams make for an almost imperceptibly solid rhythm section. Miller and Lanier switch off on lead vocals and harmonize on nearly every song, and the band consistently changes tempos, giving the album a sense of ebb and flow. There's the mellow "Next Time," the mid-tempo title track, the jumpily rockin' "Lost Again" and the flat-out, guitar-picked sprint of "Down to Church," which eventually downshifts into some spine-tingling, gospel harmonies. Also standing out is the deeply groovy, countrified bluesiness of "Same Old Thing" which is a little slice of musical perfection. This record shows L Shape Lot at the top of its game. John Staton: 343-2343 john.staton@starnewsonline.com ”