L PERRY / Press

"Simply Adore" you darling L Perry! We should hold a world summit to nominate you for a Grammy by public opinion! Much love & lunch cross the pond! Patricia ♥


“You are a standout and amazing artist...a complete genius in all that you do...and one kick- A%# girlfriend. Not to mention that you're beautiful in looks and heart. I'm SO glad you're back ~ Hugs ~ D”

Delaney simpson

“Truly wonderful performance and exquisite vocals! A great lesson in songwriting and execution of brilliant material!!! The year may be new, but some things remain the same. Like the incredible talent and professionalism that embody this page!! Actually, it keeps getting better and better!!! Artistry, beauty, talent, heart....all can be found right here! And if I could bottle it, I'd be a quadrillionaire!!! Man, you're vocal work is truly mesmerizing! An emotional bullet straight to the musical heart!! No one does it better!!!”

beyond the cage

“Beautiful music, Angelic vocals, and Fantastic lyrics!! Top Shelf PRO !!! Your Wonderful songs are so Catchy, Fabulous, and Captivating!! Your a Beautiful thought-provoking exciting person!”

Tommy Satchwood

“just discovered this major label talent!!! Fabulous talent...excellent work!: Your music is absolute magic L PERRY!!!! Addictive, moving, exciting and fulfilling....Thank You for sharing this wonderful talent and gift!!! The combination of her musical and vocal talent, along with her beauty and phenomenal presence assure a platinum selling Artist for any major label which signs L PERRY! There's something about you LP, you're one of a kind. You've got a heart of gold and you touch my soul......how fortunate to be under your spell--xoxoxo”


“Absolutely the finest singer/songwriter you could come across. L Perry is pure genius. Genius! Your songs are absolutely addictive. A pure sonic confection! L, these are great songs and I absolutely love your voice. I am a fan--Bing I think everyone should just hit play all, sit back and listen to these songs...all masterpieces, I assure you! Can I tell you, I simply adore your tracks. Top notch!”

Bingham Willoughby

“Outstanding songwriting and absolutely captivating performance! Leaves you wanting more...and more...and more...and more...and more...and more....”


“Your Music is so Special it Evokes Emotion Every time i listen~ much love from Ziggy When I'm here I'm in heaven... Otto Zone Hey had to get my fix............ahhhhhhhhhhh all better now-!this lady is incredible~chris RED SERIPH”

Ziggy Otto Zone RED SERIPH

“ Always fresh, never boring this is proper music! Music that can be listened to over and over, that never fails to deliver .Firing off the neurons that deliver chemicals of pleasure and relaxation to the listener . Better than beer guys . What a Lady. Well written melodies ,brilliant lyrics with top class recordings . But of course you know all this already ?We all do.x”


“There isn't another artist that even comes close to being as talented as L Perry. She's a gift! What an amazingly gifted artist L Perry is! There has to be an A&R Rep out there w/ half a brain - this artist could go platinum faster than a lightning strike! One of the greatest artist/songwriter/performers of our time! Simply amazing!!! Everytime I listen to L Perry, I think "magic". And magical things happen. L Perry is inarguably the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LP , I'm with Spider - you are wonderful! And, I can't think of a better listen on this site ; or, any other for that matter!”

Rick Frost

“There's something so speacial about you. Your music really speaks to my heart. Have a great day :) I love love so I love L PERRY! :) What an amazing talent. I just can't get enough! you have know idea how your music has helped me. Thank you beautifully wonderful LP :) CDs are cool...but nothing is as good as the sound of the one and only LP. :) How can soooooo much talent be in just one body? LP you are amazing :)”


“L PERRY, this sweet and talented lady, belongs on the radio. I agree with Rick Frost some AR rep has missed the beat in not scooping her up and signing her. I know that one day she will be signed because she is so very talented! Keep the faith, love. Sal I love L PERRY because she sings the truth in such a lovely and enchanting way and because her truth is full of love and music!!”




“God gives us all talents, to some degree. Having the ability to write the words you passionately write demonstrates God has give you a larger heart than most. I'm blessed our paths have crossed.”

David K

“hey L. digging the new picture. Listen up world, you're going to find some amazing music here from L....awesome stuff.”

Joe NYC Guitarist

“love the passion in your vocals, i've got Perrymania :) always loved your music & the true emotion your tracks bring to the table. in my opinion you're one of the best & should have already been signed. love you LP :)the page where the music just flows over you, beautiful song writing :)”

Todd Stone

“I Love Love L Perry's music, such a unique talent!! A true artist of our time. All the best ~”

Frankie O'rourke

“A musician with a talent for writing songs with heart,feeling and a hook phrase.How your music is not known world-wide is beyond me,but your Star like qualities still shine...M Every so often an artist comes along that totally blows you away with their musicianship LPerry is that the one for me Great tracks.”

Michael porchet



“ LP, You are extraordinarily talented and my awesome friend! Much Love xoxoxox :-) Hi LP! You are such a talented and awesome artist! But that's not all! You are a wonderful person !”


“Hi L~ You have such a wonderful list of gorgeous hits here! Massive respect~ peace, love and harmony to you my friend! Super thoughtful songwriting, playing and production throughout these gorgeous tracks L~ We all know that...that's why we love you so♥”