LPB band / Press

"Alien cry, and the revolution consciousness, murky oblivion, and a restless interior. The sun collapses on these sounds".

"Thanks for bringing life to the silence with your awesome music. All the best and much continued success with your band LPB".

Destination Dawn (Musician - Producer) - REVERBNATION

“LPB/light pop beat: ...one of the most interesting records you may encounter...".”

Maria Markouli (Journalist - Critic) - TV ZAPPING (magazine)

"What a cool song "JFK We Choose to Go to the Moon" Love the interweaving of melodies and sounds. Very upbeat and experimental..I feel like I am entering outerspace with the different patches and melodies you've used. Great creativity here and wonderful production".

Destination Dawn (Musician - Producer) - REVERBNATION

"...watch and listen to your videos on MySpace....great art'.

Gregor Jäntsch (Musician - Electric Hippies) - FACEBOOK