Low Tide Drifters / Press

"We love the LTD folks! They are real people with sincere, grounded world views who happen to be immensely talented musicians. A Low Tide Drifters show will leave the listener inspired and smiling, happy to know there're still people on this parched planet fighting the good fight and walking their musical path with as much integrity as possible, every step of the way. "New Hard Times" is a beautifully hewn album we come back to time and again for another listen. Kate's got an Iris Dement lilt to her voice that's very endearing, while Nathan's songwriting is full of hooks about real life in the shoes of working-class America. Throw in an adroit cast of supporting musicians and you've got a dead-ringer for a debut album here. We hope this is the first of many more recordings from this band down the road."

"Very rural leaning, tuneful, and savvy-lyrical, like writer John Dos Passos transformed into Depression era honky tonk."

David Ensminger - PopMatters

“Rough and tumble with a whole lotta heart, to me the Low Tide Drifters are Oregon. What stands out about this group is their song writing; they’ve an uncanny ability to seamlessly fuse traditional sounds with their compelling, contemporary poetry.”

“Putting an old-timey twist on originals is what the Low Tide Drifters do best. With a tasty blend of home-grown Oregon music, the Drifters put their whole hearts into what they do.”

Karen Olchs - Acoustic Junction

“…the Low Tide Drifters are at home in the Eugene music scene. Their soul-filled ballads chronicle the “experiences and struggles of everyday working people…the Low Tide Drifters have crafted an old-time simple sound with universal appeal.”