"This is a great album, full of energy, extremely well performed and produced, where the fantastic voice of lead singer and the rich inspiration of all the musicians involved, should be valued with an outstanding distinction. GREAT"

"Like the blues 'stomp'? - Then you'll love Low Society - Mandy Lemons, singer, or rather 'shouteuse' and Sturgis Nikides on the slide guitar give us an album with 'dirty, loud, screaming footstomping blues' - to be enjoyed without moderation, after seeking the opinion of your doctor." (translated from French)

“...Lemons is a tornadic force of nature laying waste to all of the blues-rock produced since the 1960s...This band, following its mistress Lemons' lead, is a feral and untethered spirit that makes its musical statement like the basement door slamming in the dark, off its hinges”

"...one thing is certain. Mandy Lemons is one of those women you definitely cannot keep down, nor would you want to. Because she can belt out gutsy, growly, rock-bottom blues with the best of them."

"Mandy Lemons is a powerhouse blast furnace, speaker-threatening blues belter and Sturgis Nikides shreds on that guitar..."

"Low Society...a compelling blend of blues and vintage rock’n’roll, reminiscent of a blend of Elmore James and Hound Dog Taylor – underpinning Lemons’ Koko Taylor infused vocals."

"The whole is an excellent mix of brash, in-yer-face music...a raunchy album with powerhouse vocalist and great musicians who can really lay it down."

"Of all the blues rock bands in the land, only this one owns the domain screaminblues.com - and man, do they own it. Slide guitarist Sturgis Nikides attacks the fasties like the rock 'n' roller he is, while firecracker frontwoman Mandy Lemons lives to straddle bucking grooves and ride 'em for all they're worth...."

“Electric blues is about real feelings. It's raw and heartfelt and Low Society are so intense that the rest of the worlds fades into the background when they come howling from the speakers.”

“Controlled chaos in the hands of the right people can be a glorious thing to behold. These are definitely the right people...When Mandy leaves your CD player there is no question she was there. Don’t take my word for it, pick this puppy up and make a believer out of yourself. You can thank me later."”

" Low Society hit the ball out of the park with this one..."

"...before us is a band of substance. The bottleneck slides with agility on the strings, through Chicago and the Delta, in order to offer the ideal ground for the dominant singing of Miss Lemons."

"Mandy Lemons...sings with a growl that is made for the blues, and brings to mind some other women of the blues like Koko Taylor."

"The powerhouse vocals of Mandy Lemons are drenched with raw emotion and a rhythmic style that is on the evolutionary blues forefront. Superb!"

“Low Society is full of the high-energy juiced-up boogie that the blues needs more of. You can almost taste the barbecue sauce drippin’ off every cut of “You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down!””

"Imagine The Rolling Stones jamming with Z.Z. Top at The Stax Studio, maybe with Tina Turner taking the vocals and Mississippi John Hurt plugging in occasionally, and you’ll begin to get an inkling of this band’s approach"

"This is blues the way I like it. Hot, blue and righteous."

"...this band comes across with a level of power that I seldom hear anymore. Lemons comes on like a locomotive with a full head of steam and no brakes."

"...you could describe it as timeless blues..."

“Recorded in Memphis, and owned by the world!”

“...‘You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down’ is the start for a new wave of fine products coming out from Icehouse Records.”

"This is a hugely enjoyable set of original songs from a band clearly on the top of its game"

“A sexy, savvy blues mama howler, Lemons leads her pals into the breach fighting for your right to party harder than the Beastie Boys ever did.”

"...a varied and most pleasantly surprising 'americana' CD with a powerful elaboration of a multitude of original American music and convincingly brought by great musicians." (Translated from Dutch)

“I just received the newest release, You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down, from Low Society and it has edge....”

"Your live performance is mind blowing.  You are just as good as you are on the album, if not better.  That’s really rare in music today. Being that your songs are so wild and raw....."

“popVLTR: Congrats on the success of 'High Time', who are some of your influences? LS: The list is long, but needless to say, we share a deep love of blues in all of its various incarnations. At the same time primitive rock 'n roll energy runs in our veins and there's a mystical connection that ties the music together, both physically and spiritually. From Charlie Patton to Son House, on to Memphis Minnie, Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters. Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Ike and Tina Turner, The Burnette Bros Rock and Roll Trio, and the great Elvis himself. Mavis Staples, Etta James, Rufus Thomas, Wanda Jackson....Al Green. Let's not forget the Kings - Albert and BB, and the amazing Buddy Guy. All recorded or lived in Memphis at one time or another, so it's really no surprise we ended up here.”

"Taking control of the room right from the start, Mandy Lemons & Low Society (http://screaminblues.com) gripped audience attention with the first note. In a town where the King originally got the public all shook up with those famous hips, this big-bosomed belter stirred up fascination and awe with a raucous set and thrilling theatrics.... Lemons proved passionate and talented with her one-two punch, "Need Yer Love" and then "Screamin' Blues" - a medley she described as a kind of combo of "Mannish Boy" and "Hoochie Coochie Man", with her own special spin. Thrashing about and calling out, simultaneously teasing, begging then admonishing the crowd, she dropped to her knees and beat the floor, leading her solid band to a peak performance. Inspired by Koko Taylor's "I'm A Woman", Lemons said Low Society was at the IBC representing the Buffalo River Blues Society (http://buffaloriverblues.org) from NE Arkansas, where the band plays regularly."

“Their music is abundant in the sounds of the past, present, and future of Americana blues, but it specifically encapsulates the shimmering heat of the Deep South. I have an essential, primal need to ingest their dirty, electric, Southern Blues. Simply listening becomes a truly a spiritual experience.”

“Wow, I have so much to say about Mandy Lemons of Low Society that I don’t even know where to begin. How do I tell you about her extraordinary voice, the legends in her Blues band, her soul diving lyrics, and her personal journey without turning this article into a novel? I don’t know, but I’m going to give it go.”

“Low Society...these hipsters have taken southern country blues and super-charged it to a white-hot intensity.”

“One of the best things in life is watching a blues band firing on all cylinders. One of the hardest things to do is capturing the excitement on tape in the studio....Low Society pulled it off.”

“High Time is an audacious dirty blues record...If there’s anyone else doing something close to this right now, I haven’t heard it.”

“The singers vocals are so powerful and so full of spirit and exuberance , it causes one to be distracted by just how truly great the rest of the band is...”

“The brilliance of the album in it’s entirety is that it takes you on a trip that is akin to witnessing the origins of the Earth…with masterful acoustic duets, standard blues ballads and hard rocking roof raising foot stomping mania linked by the brilliant spirit of this married dynamic duo. ”

“Low Society ...play dirty big city electric blues that goes straight for the gut.”

“A real eye(and ear) opener for me was Low Society, a rumbling blues rock based band with a powerhouse female front person worthy of the late 60s glory days, but contemporary enough to sell lots of CDs and downloads right now.If they aren't signed by the time you read this, I want to know why!”

“Seriously lacking in stage fright, Miss Lemons is able to scare the shit out of Joss Stone. ”

“The impact of this band cannot be ignored!”

“...blues is the glue that holds everything together...”