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Loren "Lo" Woods / Press

“The music finds Lo Woods walking slowly or flying across the fretboard at will or when called for, a complete guitarist.”

John Stix, Editor in Chief - Guitar Magazine

"You, Lo Woods are the guitarist that I wanted to become and would have had I not gotten sick, we are kindred spirits and souls connected. Had I met you six months earlier, you definitely would've been on my record." Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt (July 7, 1948 January 2, 2012) Note: If not for Rhino in the early 70s, especially Butterfly Bleu and the Iron Butterfly "Metamorphosis" record, Loren 'Lo' Woods would not have ended up being the guitarist he is . . . period! I finally met him and we became best of friends, which is Gods gift to me. I miss you Larry, you are and will always be a legend!!!

"I found a great guitar player out of Indiana named Loren Woods. We've been rehearsing with several people in the last six months, and I think the final lineup is at hand. I would like to establish this as a concert band first." *Bobby Caldwell; Living Legend, Drummer, songwriter for Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Captain Beyond, Armageddon and many more*

“Guitar For Crazy People is aural evidence that Woods is one-hundred percent committed to playing what is in head, recording it, and getting it out to the people to discover. Guitar-driven and cinematic, the 13 tracks on his latest CD-R offer plenty of imagination, melody and of course, the occasional hyper-speed moments that display Woods' command of his instrument”

“Lo Woods has been mentor to me for a very long time. He has developed a body musical works that defies any category and his prowess on six strings can only be experienced, not described. Yet, he can bring it down to playing the most authentic version of "Whole Lotta Love" that you've ever heard. That tells the minimum of the whole story. "he brings it down to Jimmy Page!!!" BTW, Lo...we need to get together very soon to compare notes on near death experience. I simply love the man, the talent, and I very fortunate to know him as my friend. ~Stevee Newbold, Fellow Artist: https://www.facebook.com/stevee.newbold?fref=ts”

"Loren Woods is hands down of the most creative, innovative, and tasty guitarists in the Midwest. I look forward to sharing the stage and studio with him again soon!"

“I Love your Song Headback. I have been listening to it. I love the lyrics & your playing is just pure Energy.You feel it. Glad I discovered your music!”

"The Final Battle is epic, Because is hauntingly beautiful, Silent Night is wistfully lovely, Throwin down is exactly that, Lo's Blues made my eyes close and took me South, Claim Victory is mesmerizingly strong. Don't ask me to try and choose a favorite here. Lo Woods is simply amazing with a guitar. I just ordered Undisturbed Space CD !!!"

"Loren has an amazing mind and spirit. He is obviously creative at a very high level and is one of the most genuine people l have ever met. The emotion he creates with his original music and virtuoso guitar work makes listening to it a transcendental experience. He is a talented writer, producer, and plays many instruments very well. Loren is so intelligent; he even builds his own computers!! That is WORLD CLASS IQ and drive."

“To jam w/ Lo Woods, would be, for me, the equivalent of moving on to the next realm and jamming w/ "The Holy Party Crew" (i.e., Jimi, John Lennon, Stevie Gaines, Kurt and Stevie Ray Vaughn) - because Lo is just that amazing an artist!”

Rick Frost - Fellow Artist

“voted one of 5 best guitar players of mp3.com in 1999 with 4 others, including Harvey Mandell, “Guitar Gunslingers of mp3.com” cd released worldwide.”

Harvey Mandell - mp3.com

““Woods himself slid his hands up and down a guitar throughout his performances, picking it apart as it seemed to voice its own lyrics.””

"Lo gives everything he's got on this album-silky smooth ballads, thought-provoking melodies and inspirational pop rock. Experience Lo Woods and his music for yourself."

"I really love this music but . . . what the hell is it?"

Anonymous Record Company Executive - Record company review