“In a time when most bands have a sickening watered down radio sound, Low on High tears through your speakers like a breath of fresh air. Think Sonic Youth + Jesus and Mary Chain only sexier.”

“LOW ON HIGH is still using its sonic fearlessness and lightning-bolt angst to bore new and interesting holes into my dented, earworm-riddled craium. .. ICE CREAM SEX packs the guitar punch-crunch of a Germs or Flipper album and the vocal sneer and scream of a low-fi Sleater-Kinney garage show. Moritsugu and Davis work fuzz-inflected magic over their respective strings, and Davis' powerful screech-enabled voice wails like a dog whistle strong enough to be heard by drooling gutter punks on the other side of the globe. Case in point: "Puppy Madeness," which includes a barkathon breakdown that, at close range, may cause actual puppies to spontaneously combust. At other times, Davis brings her voice down, soft and silky, and the album takes a turn into Breeders territory. It's seductive, creepy, and worth the album's occasional down-tempo shift. Moritsugu chimes in now and again with some gritty vocal backup. I swear, that man is possessed. And the music world is so much better for it.”

“The Alibi profiled Low on High last year. The band, composed of Santa Fe-based art-rock couple Amy Davis and Jon Moritsugu, is known for its high-energy, blood kiss-peppered shows, unabashedly displaying the passion borne of an 18-year marriage (in an era that prefers its rock stars swingin’ single) and their catchy, slightly spooky post-punk rock. Ice Cream Sex drops as the mercury rises and its nine tracks are an appropriately crunchy, hard-riffing soundtrack for any summer party, provided your beach blanket bingo features gelatin blood capsules, purple lipstick and a DIY-glam ethos.”

"Santa Fe’s LOW ON HIGH smooshes together. Maybe that’s why the filmmaking duo is up for a Grammy. On stage a few months ago as half of LOW ON HIGH, Davis wore a bikini strapped over pink tights. Spread eagle, she thumped away at her bass, buoyantly screaming anthemic punk chants. She made her way to her husband on her knees, still playing. Jon Moritsugu scraped guitar strings with a pick, threads of fake blood dangling from his lips. He leaned down for a kiss, leaving glistening red on her mouth to commingle with the glitter and sweat. Their connection is a palpable part of the show—refreshing in a rock age in which relationships are hidden to preserve the desirability of musicians. (See: Jack and Meg White.) Sex sells, but, the thinking goes, the audience has to believe in the availability of the iconic, fantasy god-mate. Instead, Davis and Moritsugu use their 17-year marriage to create lusty tension and fun amid all the other feelings streaking through their show."

“With drippy old-school punk sounds, Low On High brings a breath of fresh air to punk rock fans in Santa Fe. While the band's sound doesn't fall far from the tree of the prettier of Velvet Underground's songs, one could say that Low On High is more active and energetic; it induces wild dancing and head bobbing, rather than shoe-gazing. With LOH, Santa Fe filmmaker Jon Moritsugu and his wife Amy Davis have formed a band that tests its audience but is simultaneously totally listenable. Davis' soft, sweet voice compliments the washed-out, distorted sound of Moritsugu's guitar. The guitar's distortion is on so high and the drums are so faded-out that in comparison the vocals are so clear they sound almost eerie. It's not unrelated that Moritsugu has been making experimental films since 1985; you can almost hear the influence of his films in LOH's music in the way it strays from the beaten path and revamps the hardcore sound.”

“Amy Davis and Jon Moritsugu just sent me the brand new video for their band LOW ON HIGH (which I LOVE so much and you will, too!). In case you're new to the blog and haven't seen/read the loads of amazing posts about these two (they are creators to the extreme and everything they create is amazing or as Amy would say, "AMAZEBALLS!"), Jon Moritsugu is a seasoned cult filmmaker (he's actually bigger than cult, but I like to say cult because like....Warhol was also cult)...and Amy Davis...if you are into fashion and do not know who Amy Davis is then I have to say you're probably a poser! :) JK. BUT Amy has had her hand in fashion and art (on its own and related to fashion) for a long while successfully (and respectfully)....she knows her shit. She's someone who might MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT offer advice and if she does...I take it and listen to it and follow it. Just look at her gorgeous amazing self and style in the video (she has the glasses on).”