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lowercase gods: Real. Metal.

Web Hulon: Lead and Backing Vocals
John Huiett: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Scott Kimmell: Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Markus Unum: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Remember when metal meant Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Dio? Real metal.

Remember shredding guitar solos, huge drum kits, and soaring vocals? Real Metal.

Remember when you couldn't wait to get home, fire up a doobie and rock out to Black Sabbath?

Those days are back. Real metal is back.

lowercase gods. Rocking, shredding, wailing.
Metal is back.
lowercase gods
All the music, none of the hair.

Riding the crest of the massive American metal resurgence wave is Lowercase Gods. This West Columbia, S.C.-based band blends elements of thrash, progressive metal, classic metal and atmospheric rock to create a unique and powerful sound.

"Pulling Triggers"

In the fall of 2010, Minneapolis, Minn.-based guitarist/songwriter John Huiett began writing a metal concept album with the hopes of getting his “dream band” to play on it. The only problem was that the band’s members were scattered across the United States, with lead guitarist Steve Kohn living in Los Angeles, and bassist Scott Kimmell and drummer Markus Unum based out of South Carolina. The process of collaboration started via the web, and Huiett made several trips to California and South Carolina to solidify the songwriting and create demos.

South Carolina native Huiett moved back to that on April 12, 2012. Two weeks later, work began in earnest on the band’s self-produced debut album with Kimmell and Lutton, recording at Unum's home studio, "The Cell." Lead vocalist Web Hulon joined the band in the fall of 2012, with his powerful, legacy-metal voice – equal parts grind and soar - completing the lowercase gods lineup.

The debut Lowercase Gods album, Pull the Trigger, was released in September 2013 to international praise. It's a dark and heavy-as-hell roller coaster ride that tells the story of a psyche damaged by attempted spiritual suicide. A ballad from the album, “She’s Alive,” was picked up by European radio in summer 2014.

"Serpents Singing"

In June 2014, Huiett, Hulon, Kimmell and Unum entered the Jam Room studio in Columbia, SC, with acclaimed producer Jay Matheson to record a new single and begin the process of writing their sophomore album release. “Cost You” was the result of those initial sessions – a crushing, heavy stomp, which warns the listener, “Bitch, I ain’t joking.” And they weren’t. The band catapulted into the top 100 national metal acts in the United States and top 200 global metal acts on Reverb Nation. Their fan base nearly tripled as a result, as they played to rabid crowds in the southeast regularly. The gods followed up "Cost You" with two additional single releases: "Murder" and "Recluse."

The spring of 2016 saw the band re-enter the Jam Room with Matheson to record seven additional songs. In September, lowercase gods released their second full-length album, When The Serpent Sings. Peers and critics alike took immediate attention, praising the band for bringing back elements of metal that have gone by the wayside.

Kevin Oliver of Columbia alternative weekly Free Times lauded lowercase gods for taking multiple elements of their influences and forging a path of their own. “In less capable hands, this might create some whiplash,” writes Oliver in a September 14, 2016, review, “but for these veteran players, it’s just another day at the office, rearranging the music they grew up on for a new generation of metalheads.”

Lead vocalist Web Hulon agrees with Oliver.

“I see the album like the muscle cars that they're making now,” Hulon says. “They're based on the classic models, with familiar styling and lots of power, but with updated features and new technology and engineering. And you can't help but to want to take it for a spin.”

He adds: “And it's not just promotional bullshit. I think it's accurate. We've created the ‘New Mustang’ album.”

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Web Hulon - Vocals, John Huiett - Guitar/Vocals, Scott Kimmell - Bass/Vocals, Markus Unum - Drums/Vocals
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lowercase gods
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