Low End George / Press

“ya got our vote! keep hittin em with the low end action....nice skillz!”

-Ursession chronic.d

“ U are great bass player Dude! Very good playing, sound, time, articulation, groove/feeling, melodic and technique! Big Respect! Beautifull bass guitar... Excellent music! I wish U successes. I am waiting for more Your bass videos... Thank You for the sub! Greetings from Poland! CHEERS!!”

-YouTube ibanezbasSR400

“Okay, you are pretty incredible on the Bass! Insane!!! :) I think you are the next Les Claypool. He would be jealous!!!”

-Myspace Miss Misha Dark Angel

“dude i love your bass skills man!! just like my fav legend LES!!!! do a concert in sarasota florida!!!!!!!!”

-Myspace D WREK

“hey friend...I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!! (and your performances too!!!)”

-Myspace Roberto Cervi

“Really cool playing! Your very Artistic. "do you take Bass Guitar,Madam?" Love it!! xo”

-Myspace Lizzy Williams

“Hey George, Its George............lol what's up?? you are amazing!!!!! im into all kins of rhythms,but MAN the stuff YOU come up with (whew) and i liked the talkie it was phenomonal. IM SCARED OF YOU BROTHER GEORGE!!!!!!”

-Myspace Boston George

“Yo George- that was slammin'! The vid production was excellent- can I borrow some of them licks? LOL”

-Myspace jay bizzy bass hicks

“A Divulging Bass Showing”

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