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“From the deep south comes the sound of a wrecking ball known as LOW DOWN, a local band with the talent and charisma that launches an audience into a head banging crowd of animals. Today they rolled into north Georgia to obliterate our small town of Lafayette and tell me the story of how they became.. AngelGrave-How did Low Down originate? READ THE REST OF THE INTERVIEW BY FOLLOWING THE WEB LINK:http://www.keepermagazine.com/Interviews.html”

Angel Grave - Keeper Magazine

““Good old boys doing what they do best, groove laden- double bass dominated pit inducing metal! LowDown will pummel the listener with a technical yet groovy attack, one moment bluesy clean guitar lines pull you in, next your throttled by a full on metal assault! This disc contains 11 songs of solid well played metal, with vocals that growl one minute and soar cleanly the next. Every member of this band is proficient at their instrument; a clear, clean production allows them to shine! A live Lowdown show is an event not to be missed for a good old fashion metal beat down! Keep it metal, Keep it southern, Keep it LowDown!” www.wreklessproductions.com”

"This week we bring you a geniune hillbilly metal band that is blowing away packed twisted houses in the south. LowDown is a southern metal band from the swamps of Kingston, GA http://www.thmag.us/issue16.html