LOVE the poet / Press

“In her one- woman show, LOVE the poet brings to life eight characters, including HIV- positive teen Marquisha, drug dealer Sean, and racist redneck Joey.”

“And Nelson, pretty much making her acting debut, energetically makes a black female Romeo feel like a natural fit.”

“One possible answer can be found in "Red Flags," an intriguing mix of performance art and group therapy.”

“The intriguing woman is Michelle Antoinette Nelson, aka LOVE the poet, and she is one of Baltimore’s more talented spoken-word artists, guitar-playing singer/songwriters, and a recently published author. Her Black Marks on White Paper was published in December.”

“When Michelle Antoinette Nelson aka “LOVE the poet” spoke into the microphone—amidst a dense living room full of women gathered on the 3rd floor of a friend’s Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn apartment for The Revival—she owned that room. I knew I had to interview her.”

“Michelle Antoinette Nelson, better known as nationally renowned performer LOVE the poet, is one of the minds behind The Revival: A Black Lesbian Poet tour, now in its second season. LOVE the poet (whose name is from her days as a college RA, when she would hold poetry readings and have the audience snap and chant “Love!” after each poet read) performs spoken word with a ferocity and heart that would leave Nicki Minaj tongue tied. A member of the Punany Poets, who were featured on HBO’s Real Sex, she for awhile was known as the token lesbian poet, and thought to only write erotic poetry. But LOVE the poet is far more dynamic, as seen in her most recent publication, Black Marks on White Paper, a poetic memoir.”

“Nelson speaks as an outsider, a true queer voice in the broadest sense of the word. She captures the heart and soul of those often left without their own voice. You can feel her rhythms as you read her words, black marks on white paper. And maybe one of her deepest thoughts is also the simplest, printed in small font on the bottom of a blank page titled "Fine Print": "You wanted to be my type, but I just kept on writing." Let's hope she doesn't stop any time soon.”

“CP: Do you think consciously about your own writing when you’re reading? MN: It depends on the author. I think more about my work when I listen to certain musicians, MCs and singers and their writing.”

“Nelson's message transcends race, gender and sexuality. She lends a voice to those who cannot speak. Like a painter, she uses her lyrical brush to draw struggling landscapes. And like a musician, her rhythms and sounds wax eloquent in the orchestra of life. Continue reading on Examiner.com Book review: 'Black Marks on White Paper' by Michelle Antoinette Nelson - Canada Art Reviews | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/art-reviews-in-canada/book-review-black-marks-on-white-paper-by-michelle-antoinette-nelson-review#ixzz1fgKLtius ”