Lovestruck Suckers / Press

“What started as a way to process one particular pain soon transformed into a project with a much wider reach. Durocher says his breakup experience gave him empathy to others going through that same situation and lent depth to his ability as an artist. “So, now I’m super happy that it happened,” he says. From that starting point, the Lovestruck Suckers evolved from personal heartbreak to “heartbreak for the world — there’s so much, loss, pain and suffering in the world,” says Durocher. “How do we deal with that, and how are we able to focus on the beauty, the camaraderie and the good things?””

“With a name like the Lovestruck Suckers, it is no surprise that the music from Silas Durocher’s new band has some heartache seeping out from between the notes. But those who enjoyed Durocher’s previous side work with Soulgrass Rebellion, Laura Reed and Deep Pocket and his own chamber rock ensemble, Silas Durocher and Everybody Knows, will also be treated to sonic riffs on love and happiness during Thursday’s show at The Grey Eagle.”

“Jeff Whitworth, sole proprietor and talent buyer at The Grey Eagle, gives a summary of the Lovestruck Suckers’ premiere at the Grey Eagle in January of 2012. “The banter was witty, the songs were great, and the performance was spot on,” Jeff says. “It was one of those magical nights where everyone in attendance was there for the same reason, the right reason, the music.” Jeff says the audience was captivated from the first note.”