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“It is difficult to compare Love Story's End's music with most of what is out right now. The band definitely has a unique sound within the metal genre, combining driving rhythms and brutal guitars together with various melodic elements into a package that is modern, edgy, and immediately recognizable.”

“Siendo bastante justos lo que nos han entregado en esta placa estos norteamericanos tiene muchísimos matices que los alejan poco a poco de los clásicos estereotipos de la actual movida metalcoreta, del cual logran capturar muchos de sus elementos esenciales como ese habitual juego vocal limpio – gritón que en este caso lleva de buena manera su vocalista Clint Hagler.”

“Love Story's End released their second album in February of this year,  Death Doesn't Deserve Me. The response to this album was far greater then the band anticipated.  The opening track, "And So The Righteous" from this new album strikes a chord with several of their fans… They also received a large amount of publicity when their band poster was displayed on MTV's new "Teen Wolf" series.”

“La primera impresión hace de este trabajo, poco digerible, ya que cuesta agarrarle la onda pero poco a poco avanzado el álbum las ideas siempre estuvieron ordenadas contando una historia quizás de una manera poco tradicional, a lo que estamos acostumbrados a oír. Es por eso que Death Doest’t Deserve Me, nace el día de San Valentín, donde se cuenta una amarga y terrible historia de amor, un disco atractivo, oscuro y bastante conceptual lo que hace de la banda de Clint Hagler y compañía algo único en su especie.”

“Love Story's End singer Clint Hagler is very optimistic about the future of his Biloxi-based band's aggressive, guitar-driven rock. The group is currently writing songs for their third album, tentatively titled "Biloxi War Tribe." The title track brings a smile to Hagler's face as he recalls how the song originated. "My little 6-year-old niece told me the legend of the Singing River," he said. "She was saying how the Pascagoula Indians drowned themselves in the river to escape enslavement by the Biloxi tribe. I was amazed, seeing this little girl talk about fierce Indians, death and drowning." Guitarist Chip Lizana agrees the song is equally as powerful as the story. "Once we start that song, you'd be bobbing your head even if you didn't care for us at all."”

Justin Hooks - The Sun Herald

“The sounds variate everything in between rock´n´roll and metal making the songs very diverse and really enjoyable to listen to. Vocalist Clint gives a perfect addition to the songs with his voice; screaming into the heavy parts and Chino type of whispering into the soft parts. From the first notes of ´Biloxi War Tribe´ to the last notes of ´Music Is A Dead End´ the band manages to keep the whole puzzle as a tight package and the result is really enjoyable, original album.´Biloxi War Tribe´ is a good example from a band that definitely deserves a record deal but hasn´t got it yet. Love Story´s End has progressed a lot in the past few years and ´Biloxi War Tribe´ will definitely open new doors for the band if it gets into the right hands. For the fans of rock´n´roll influenced post-hardcore this is definitely a good underground addition to your collection. ”

Arto Mäenpää - Hardcore Sounds - Finland