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“This album (Acoustic Meditations) not only demonstrates Love Saquing's fretboard proficiency, but also his gifted ear for harmony. If you know some of these worship songs, it's nice to hear their melodies laid over new chords and progressions while creating fresh, nuanced colors.”

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"I played (Acoustic Holiday) for the first time this morning...before my Musicology class. It set a nice tone for class which of course was Holiday themed today... and again during dinner with [my husband]. He thinks it's great also. My favorite so far is Rockefeller Plaza. It Rocks! "

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"I listened to (Acoustic Holiday) three times. It is really excellently planned and performed. The arrangements are great---some are inspired. Your original compositions are unique and superb...'Winter Sun' and 'In the Bleak Midwinter' are poetry in sound."

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