Lovely Bad Things / Press

"La Mirada's The Lovely Bad Things seemed about as young as most of the crowd there and they definitely fed off of each other's energy. Besides the energetic quality of their music, their constant swapping of instruments kept things interesting throughout their set and the crowd felt it too, as they seemed to want to hear more after they finished."

"The Lovely Bad Things play blissed-out, fuzzed-up garage-pop that bursts with jangly exuberance. Their sound is unmistakably Californian in its laid-back pop-mindedness."

"It is impossible to be uninterested when the first song they played is about a cat named “Kevin.” This song is incredibly addicting, every instrument perfectly audible and catchy. Even when it slows down in the middle, the crowd was still feeling it. They went on to the next track, “Why,” which slowed us down progressively, but it was still beguiling. This song sounds very happy, but the lyrics include, “I slit your throat, and took you up to the San Francisco Bridge,” which makes it all the more badass. Following was the song that everyone always feels the need to mosh to, “Cocaine Werewolf Super Awesome Fun Time.” Even though saying the title is a bitch, my adoration for this song won’t stop because it’s too fast and fun to ever let anyone lose interest."

"Here's a super-overlooked song from a southern California band that we totally think you guys should know about, from, er, their 2010 release called Shark Week. The band is called The Lovely Bad Things, they sound a bit like noise pop and garage rock had a snarling baby who likes Phil Spector too, and we're talking about them now because they're finishing off work on a new EP of material for release later this year. They're young a full of energy and drama, and "My Kin" builds as long as it can until you (and it) reaches its breaking point and from there it just crashes in on itself. Pretty great, right?"

"The Lovely Bad Things are often described as a cross between the Pixies and Black Lips, and we couldn’t agree more. “Shark Week”, their first LP, features the band’s musicality of indie rock music, from surf to punk, garage to noise, psych to pop, and more—the group has so much to offer in the music scene. And there’s no doubt they are set to bring a stage on fire as they bring the excitement of live music back to the audience."