Love In War / Press

“From 99-03 I worked as a radio DJ and hosted two specialty programming shows. One featuring local music and one featuring up and coming artists. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, I ever played on either of those shows could hold up against Love In War! As a fan of the unknown artists, I downloaded this album after listening to a few samples. The vocals are at times haunting and at times quite powerful. The electronic elements of the band are present and well defined, however they don't dominate the band's sound. If Amy Lee's (Evenescence) haunting melodies and Chester Bennington's (Linkin Park) angry flow had a baby and that baby grew up listening to Muse or Blue October, you could name it Love in War. This cross-genre band may be labled as a progressive act, but they would mesh well on tour with with almost any rock act, be it Nickleback or Black Label Society. Truely a unique sound from a unique band. and something refreshing and new in the oversaturated market of musical downloads”

“If you only purchase one new CD this year, this is the one to buy. Hands down!”

Spot Magazine

“Love In War may hail from Fort Myers. But this weekend's trip to Tampa has been long in the works. "No lie, this has been the gig we have been most excited about for months," singer-keyboardist Kate Flanigan said of their performance this weekend at Play in Ybor City. "We are holding down a nice-sized fan base in our local area, but are just branching out into larger Florida markets." Describing themselves as "electronic-art-rock, female fronted and badass," Love In War -- which also features Adam Canute on drums, Matt Russo on guitars and Mike Calavano on bass -- play industrial-tinged, glammy pop rock, a la Garbage, Siouxsie and the Banshees or PJ Harvey. They're working on a debut full-length album that's due for release this fall. ”

“Love In War put on an incredible show behind Howl. The set...had the shivering crowd moving in no time. This band’s sound is definitely dominated by Kate’s vocal performance. Her lyrics tell stories about her life and the emotion of her songwriting is evident in a live performance. Though Kate is clearly the driving force behind this band, there is no way I can deny the talent of the other members of the ensemble. Adam started off using an electronic drum set, but moved to a traditional set after the first song. Matt and Mike didn’t switch instruments but both were full of energy and from watching this group you can tell that they all take cues from one another and work together to put on a flawless show.”