Love Crushed Velvet / Press

"I swear, some of these choruses will stick in your head for a long time."

"the best band we've heard with the word 'Velvet' in the name"

"for classic rock fans looking for something that’s at once familiar and fresh" (four-star review!)

"a very tasty appetizer" - 8/10 stars

"Love Crushed Velvet impress and intrigue"

"a gleeful bad-boy anthem"

"A catchy and highly-professional blending of A.L.X.’s many influences and sources of inspiration."

"the same feeling as a [Billy] Idol hit...A.L.X. growls out a vocal while the band revs up the BPMs."

"like a New York mixed punk/glam rock band with influences from both [Billy] Idol and the UK’s punk scene."

"Love Crushed Velvet is worth exploring."