Love and a .38 / Press

“This, dear reader, is rock as God intended it to be... If there’s any justice in the world, Love and a .38 are going to be huge.”

The Midland Rocks

“This band has the potential to be a game-changer in the rock scene, so jump into the game now and hear what the next big thing just might sound like!”

Glitter 2 Gutter

“...this is perhaps the freshest hard rock sound I’ve heard in a long time. If this is your genre and you’re not familiar with Love and a .38, resolve that immediately. Nomads will be one of your favorite albums this year.”

Geoff Wilbur Music

"Love and a .38 demonstrate the potential to break through the cookie-cutter indie-pop barricade that’s currently in rotation. The band’s sound, a blend of classic rock, grunge and alt-punk styles, not only appeals to different generations of music lovers, but could soon be considered a unique category in rock."

Music Connection Magazine

“Love and a .38 possess all of the qualities needed to make a mark in the industry: the look, the feel, the songs and the ability to create a buzz that fills the room almost instantaneously.”

“Love and a .38 has tons of energy, excellent stage presence, and rockin’ originals. I see really good things happening for them.”

All Access Magazine