Love Anchor / Press

“Incredibly unique and powerfully soulful repertoire. This set is different from anything I've heard to date and I find it to be exquisitely beautiful!”

“There is a keenly felt introspection and elements of Dream Pop in Love Anchor's work. Songs like 'Annalisa's Lullaby' have an enticing intimacy which engages and spellbinds, absolutely wonderful!”

“absolutely stunning work on these tracks. your vocal skills, warmth, dexterity, depth and richness of performance is staggering...one of the most exciting sounds i've heard since that debut album by Antony Hegarty..the songs are beautiful and perfect..particularly like the stripped-back melancholia of "it will be like you're dreaming" and "annalisa's lullaby". What an amazing discovery!”

“'Annalisa's Lullabye.....lovely mood and whispering voice a la Yorke but yet your own...enjoy it.'”

“'Very haunting melodies, like movie sound tracks, thought provoking. A very interesting approach you have here.'”

“'GORGEOUS and haunting melodies and VOICE!! I Love your music!!!!'”

“'It's a beautiful song. It's always [his] voice that manages to dig deep into my soul! Beautiful...and the guitar manages to caress [his] voice.'”

“'Very nice track! So silent! [His] voice reminds me somehow of Barry Gibb, only lower and more intimate!'”

“Im a vocalist too, and though our styles are different, I've got respect for him- he's got that haunting, low and breathy thing going on- and he's doing it in an effeminate tenor that makes his whispered vocals even more delicate, like they just blend into the music. People will say what they want about it not having radio potential or a straight beat- I don't think he cares about radio play because it's genuinely good. I mean I couldn't technically pull off what he's doing in a million years. It takes a lot of skill to be able to have a voice like that.”

“I use this music as a tool- for meditation, to separate my mind from all of the negativity and nervousness of the day. Love Anchor keeps coming back to me with a regular frequency, and I will set down and listen to his demo recordings from start to finish. I even use it to fall asleep; but, more than anything, this is far from pop music that hits you once and goes away. Love Anchor is something you keep with you, and though you may not listen everyday, its secrets are revealed ever so slowly. It's music different from what's out there- and it's not going away, so long as you choose to find it and truly listen.'”

“'This [music] is so chill. loved the articulation in the singer's voice. the guitar was very nicely played and the riff though repetative blended very well with the singer. almost made me fall asleep. thats a good thing. Almost a plain white t's feel to it. good job. hope to hear you again soon.' [sic]”

“'The next Radiohead.'”

“'I can feel an impressive voice and presence of a soul who has a story to tell through song...'”

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