Love Alive / Press

“In the world of cover bands, Love Alive, sets themselves apart. They cover some of our greatest artists from the 60’s & 70’s such as Heart, Led Zeppelin, The Who and many others. Here’s the great news; they're an original band as well. If it isn’t difficult enough to find the time to practice to be a great cover band, Love Alive has dug even deeper and released their first original CD titled “Love at 2nd Sight”. There are several songs on this release that are catchy with great hooks however the song that stood out from the pack is “Restless Child”. This song is not only catchy but possesses commercial appeal that if the right ears hear this song it will be a hit. Love Alive represents the working class artists that we need to support. They are everyday folks who work hard yet find the time to express their creativity to entertain us. They also give back to the community in charitable ways. Please click their logo to visit their website and download their songs.”

“It was a pleasure watching you all!! Thanks for a great time, you guys ROCK! We see so many bands, and none of them have HALF of the talent/passion that you guys do! Go visit our website 94wysp.com to see some of the pictures we took! Please keep in touch. We'd love to see you guys again!”