Lou Tambone / Press

"The sound-scape and arrangement posses a solidity that really projects the concept idea. You can really taste the red dust hazing the air, feel the oily steel of the gun... very, very impressive. Reminiscent of what I see in my mind when I listen Nick Cave's 'Red Right Hand'. Kind of a Steampunk Western."

- Pier Rondin on "The Code of the West"

“New Jersey native and latest PEV feature Lou Tambone makes his albums the way they used to be made – a method he calls “true 70’s style”. And playing live is something Tambone excels at – booking more and more shows as we speak. So there you have it – the roots are all over the place. Sample some songs for yourself.”

"That's a fine beard!" -- Sting to Lou Tambone (12/10/09)