Lou Mars and 4th Planet / Press

"This is a really cool song. I love the rhythm and the beat that this song has to it. I could listen to this over and over again. Really cool song. Beat and sweet."

"Today I Died has a great sound from the first note it grabs you the lyrics are amazing thank you for sharing your music \\,,//"

Ronda Lil Brat Gibson Las Vegas NV - Metal Out Horns Up

"Your latest release "Today I Died" shows once again why you are compared so often to David Bowie. I also heard a Pink Floyd influence in the arrangement. Great Stuff!"

JH - FanMail Mexico

“I listened and i smiled . I smiled all the way through . Although i worried about your lyrics and your brutal honesty of emotion, and i found myself asking the universe to look after you, i was fully aware of the genius of this music. Once again, you have surpassed yourself! "Every song you write becomes more amazing. Wow.. !! No more dieing for you..lol. You have just started to unpeel the robes of greatness. I can hardly wait to hear more!!! Ten,ten,ten!,"”

CB - Canada - FanMail

“In case you missed it (especially the drum duel), feedback from last Saturdays performance...Here's what some of the attendees had to say about the show... "The show was AWESOME!! My sister Shelly & my bestie Sandy were visiting so I had to take them to hear your fabulous sound!! We had so much fun ... I hope you could hear us singing with you ... I'M O.K...I THINK I'M FINE!! Such a great tune ... catchy too! Can't wait for your next performance ..." --Debi Red *** "...you killed it last night I was stoked!" --Donna Lu *** "-About the show, what i loved most is that it reminded me of my days back in LA and Huntington Beach, you guys were putting on a show, not just going thru the motions, your guys were top notch too-" --Tyler Mitchell *** "You guys sounded great and those cute girls (dancing) were AWESOME!" --Norman Pauley”

Social Media

“Each song seems to reach into the dark area of the 70's vibe with the sounds of early 80's guitarists. Some of the riffs are "Billy Squire" sounding while biting off chunks of beatle istic lyrics. The album throughout sounds very eclectic guitar works. This album it's entirety really has a strong "FM" sounding rhythm. All in all this is a very good album...”

“London loves you Lou....thanks for rockin some "sparkle" into our Monday playlist!!”

Mike White Presents UK London - ReverbNation

“Great compositions Lou…all your tracks are gems revealing unlimited talent… keep on Rocking!”

Adam Nicholson (Recording Artist) - ReverbNation

"Looking for an Answer is a song Bowie wishes he wrote!! Great songwriting and love the vocals on all the cuts!!"

“Spaghetti Romance is so fn cool! The melody is like bubble gum on the brain. Very sticky! :-)”

Richard McKinley - FaceBook

“Tears in the Shadows... My entire being was transported into a different dimension ..My heart changed to a different beat, and this song collided with my dreams.I was shaken, and i remembered those LSD trips of days gone by,,,All I can say is WOW....amazing work of art....If your music can cause a complete state change, you are onto something.. Dont stop..Keep going....Please tell people to listen to this song at FULL VOLUME...!!!”

Christina Belize - CrowdReview

“Me and She is dope!! keep up the great work”

Amanda Pollard - ReverbNation

"Stopped in to see what all the excitement was about...and I found it! Your songs me and She". Very coool, really!"

"Great voice work on "Me and She". The best. "

"Stopped in for some good music listening. Definitely found it here. Of your top 5, I'd have to say that Whisper 2 Shout is my favorite. They are all very well done! Keep up the amazing work!"

“Great song (Orenda), good introduction. Awesome lyrics and vocal sound. I love it. There's so many good elements in it I don't even know where to start. The guitar tone is good...The bass is good. Good psychedelic break. I think this song might be the best song from this artist...”

"This track (Last Hug) has all the best qualities one likes to listen to. A likable male lead singer with good lyrics. A really good band with a dynamic sound. Very good and well thought-out verses. The chorus is super catchy and the quality is professional. I believe the group has a boat load of potential and I would consider this band a diamond in the rough. Good track here."

"The beginning of the song (Last Hug) has a really nice beat with the drums and guitar and I really like the singer's voice! Definitely a great song and has great potential to be a hit! The singer's voice is very unique and has a special draw to it. I like the chorus as well because it has a good beat and is very catchy. I also like the guitar playing in the background it definitely gives the song some extra zest. This is a very talented singer and definitely has the potential to be very successful in the music industry!!"

"i love your song te desidero [phoenix ashes] it's such a beautiful song. it truly touched my heart. you're a very amazing and gifted artist."

"Nice sound you have here. good vocals, musicianship, melodies and arrangements. enjoying everything from: Orenda through Red So Grey. good job Lou."

"very cool tracks here Lou, lovin those twisty chord progressions for "is this reality", and a great electro vibe to "put away". tight playing and loads of good catchy grooves. Tasty!!

"Jamming to put away. love those floating vocals!"

"WOW...in the UK I have a burning fire and your music blasting out great Sunday afternoon !!"

"(Put Away} Very, very cool, I definitely loved the video, but I really love the lyrics~very thought provoking."

“LAST HUG is cool, dig the vocal sound”

"He's one of those guys when you ask him where he's from, he shrugs and says, "All over." But he gigs a lot in L.A."

"thank you for the inspirational music! peace"

"Do what you want" great track

"Sweet sounds Lou, keep on rockin!"

"LAST HUG lays out a genre-busting groove that's clean crisp and somehow sweetly street laying it out there with a deftly crafted understated arrangement."

“LAST HUG is sad and very powerfully written and performed. ”

"Lou Mars has been compared to the Who's Keith Moon says, "I'm a show drummer, but more specifically I think my style is like a controlled crash."

“Devils Daughter loves Last Hug. Great songwriting here.”

"Last Hug" is awesome! Innovative lines and terrific lyrics!

“Outstanding sound colors and mix on "Mind Traveler" Lou!!”

"Put Away (Broken) is a brilliant song. I can tell it comes from a deep, dark place of hurt."

"Put Away" is an intriguing, catchy tune! like the influences I'm hearing.