Louise Van Aarsen / Press

“Dutch Delight: Louise is of Dutch origin and works and lives in Boston. But she is also a passionate jazz fan, singer and composer. Yes Sir! The surprise is however her latest work, a CD called ´Destiny´. It is a great album with great singing, great tunes and she is accompanied by a bunch of great musicians. And co-produced by Rebecca Parris. Highly recommended folks!”

“JAZZ is a land of interpreters and only occasionally of singer-songwriters. Yet Louise Van Aarsen, a Dutch-born, Boston-based jazz vocalist, has arrived on the scene with a whole album of fresh original songs and a unique voice. Louise's singing is cool yet worldly-wise; her musicianship is so solid that she doesn't have to turn any vocal cartwheels to prove her jazz credibility. The words are her focus, and she delivers them a distinctive sound and complete directness. Louise has given us an impressive debut CD. The backgrounds incorporate all sorts of styles, including swing, Latin, fusion, and lush balladry. The instrumental details support and never distract from Louise's storytelling, which always rings true.”

James Gavin - Liner Notes to "Destiny"

“Like vocalists of another era, Van Aarsen's voice is deeply committed, with a hint of Carly Simon. Dig Someone and the lightly Latin Miss You Till I See You. Van Aarsen's originality and songwriting chops make this a tender choice.”

"We can only hear “My funny Valentine" so many times…. One way that an artist may address standards fatigue is to avoid them altogether and write own songs. This is exactly what Louise Van Aarsen has done in contemporary and lasting style..The results are plush and adult; thoughtful arrangements and hyper-exact contemporary jazz production… Van Aarsen's voice is no- nonsense and very easy on the ear. Her writing plumbs the depths of the commonplace while making them not seem such. We must wonder where she goes from here…”

“This jazz newcomer is a breath of fresh air. Louise Van Aarsen, born in The Netherlands and based in Boston, comes out of the cool jazz vocal style. She keeps any temptation to belt the lyrics in careful restraint. What’s most intriguing is her lack of interest (bravo) in covering the rather boring standard fare that become a trap for so many developing singers. In actuality, she was a prolific songwriter who evolved into a singer as well. Van Aarsen wrote, or in a couple of instances co-wrote, the music and/or the lyrics for all 14 tunes here. The concept was to present something very personal in meaning – and she has done that exquisitely. Each is a take on a different aspect of love and relationships. Rebecca Parris produced this session, which is another solid ring of endorsement for Van Aarsen. (Her “day job” is being a scientist with a Ph.D. in cancer research.)”