Lotus Gait / Press

“Lotus Gait a local Denver band that describes their music as dark black metal punk rock was one of the opening bands. Their music is fast paced with a large Slayer influence. The all age show didn't stop them from playing their song Down to F*ck. This had to make the parents who took their children to the show question some of their life choices. Bass player Tim Hankison played impressively while keeping his long dreadlocks away from his fret board. Lead guitar player Oliver Fox Renard seemed to have more fun than Ronald Osborne with a permanent smile playing his Flying V. After taking several shots of some kind of clear alcohol, birthday boy drummer David Schmidtline declared that he was sleeping in the parking lot. Lotus Gait played an impressive version of Twisted Sister 's Stay Hungry. During the introduction, singer David Bartz announced that he might not remember all the words because of all the good drugs. Making it a cautionary tale for the youngsters in attendance.”

“LOTUS GAIT are a band based in Denver, Colorado. With a shared passion for all things Metal and a take-no-prisoners attitude, the group rage unapologetically on their debut album, the wild and energetic “Virgin Blood.” Having opened for guys like ANVIL, PRONG, and LORD DYING in the past, it’s clear that this is a band that respects heavy music. Tut then, so do legions of other ho-hum bands trying to make it big. These guys however get things right with “Virgin Blood” by keeping their influences at an arm’s length, plenty close enough to notice them, but far enough to let their music breathe on its own. The action starts after a brief soundbite as the band pump out a series of riffs that go straight for the jugular on the album-opening title track. David Bartz stirs the pot with vocals straight off an early period RAZOR record, and shows himself to be quite capable as he adapts to the various changes in mood that the album takes. “Destroying The Night” is faster and jus”

“Denver favorites, Lotus Gait, open the show to a crowd full of familiar faces in Golden. They start off the night with a set of Alice in Chains covers, playing a handful of hits before moving on to their own originals that everyone loves. Lotus Gait currently has one album out titled Virgin Blood, which is a perfect mix of black metal and punk.”

“Lotus Gait conquered the stage. They knew that one last great performance had to be done before the night ended, so they did it. Starting off with a cool video intro, they utilized the entire stage and smashed a guitar. Yeah, smashed a guitar. After putting on an energetic show, they decided to shock everyone and smash a guitar on stage. The guitar stood no chance, but it was an exciting end to the show. And did I mention it was (apparently) their second gig? I didn’t believe it, but if it was true, there’s no where to go but to the top now.”