Lotus Effect / Press

“I should hand it to these guys, this has been an epic experience to review this great progressive and powerful album that has each song flow seamlessly to the next.”

“'Totality' has been released and it rocks just as hard as ever.”

"Wow; talk about ambition. I knew the four guys in Lotus Effect had pretty lofty aspirations for their long-awaited full-length album, ... now that I’ve heard the full scope of Totality…well, I’m back to “wow,” again.

“The coming year includes potentially spectacular releases from established acts and promising upstarts in every genre imaginable, from indie-pop and rap to country and rock en Español. It's going to be a very good year.”

“Gods and goddesses, theology, science, white eye contacts and that burning question of whether or not we are alone in the universe are all addressed [by] Lotus Effect.”

“It's arguably the most visually ambitious music video ever shot by a local Houston band, with special effects that rival many big budget efforts that you'd normally see on A-level artists.”

"Lotus Effect has been working on a new album for over a year, ... to ensure they live up [to] the accolades heaped upon their previous work.

"The group's EP Rabbits and Royalties was one of the top releases of the year, and they picked up a Houston Press Music Award for Best Rock as proof."

"Best of 2011"

“BEST ROCK BAND, 2010 Houston Press Music Awards”

Houston Press

“What you get with Lotus Effect (out of Houston), is a rock band poised for a breakout. These four guys have a solid foundation built with a little speed, a little thrash, and a lot of heart.”

“Lotus Effect is bold and brilliant, both in delivery and perception. Giles is vocally magnificent.”

"What Muse once was, and now only pretends to be, Lotus Effect is."

““Fireflies” is the best song on here by a mile, poignant and yearning but still heavy and crunchy.”

"It's progressive. It's rock n' roll. One of the coolest rock bands to come out of Houston in a long time!"

“[Lotus Effect] is unquestionably good and heartfelt....”

"Lotus Effect delivers with energetic and rock driven riffs that are sure to split the seams of the Houston Music Scene!"

“Lotus Effect releases Rabbits & Royaly EP, shares common goal with The Zealots”

"I've got to hurry and make a new movie, so I can amp up my soundtrack with tunes from Rabbits and Royalty. Lotus Effect is best new band I've heard in a long time, the Warhol's all I need!"

Jennifer Miller - Tricki Vicki Films

“Lotus Effect's new EP "Rabbits and Royalty" kills all other alternative/progressive rock bands in Houston. They have the perfect combination of strong vocals, melodic riffs, and solid drums that I have yet to hear. ”

Kris Krunk - Space City Records