Lost Without Cause / Press

"Their rock sound is flavoured with sounds that remind of bands like New Found Glory and All American Rejects with traces of A.F.I., Lost Prophets, and Puddle of Mudd. Lost Without Cause takes these spices to merge into their own ideas creating a sound that carries its own identity."

"This is clearly a band with an awful lot to offer the UK music scene"

"LWC manage to pack Take Back Everything with enough variety, melody and general musicianship to ensure that it is a very pleasing listen. If this is the kind of material that Lost Without Cause can consistently create, then I’m sure we’ll be seeing their faces on front covers and television screens before long."

"It would be hard to imagine with the release of “Take Back Everything” that Lost Without Cause will not enjoy a rapid and substantial increase in awareness and adulation, with seven songs of such evident quality it should be a deserved given."

"Comparing Lost Without Cause to fellow Watford natives, Gallows, is as pointless as comparing a mars bar to a giraffe, comparing them to fellow Herts rockers The Subways is a better approach by far. The alternative rock genre is one tough nut to crack but with "Take Back Everything" Lost Without Cause are showing they may just have the right nut cracker."

"This EP is definitely worth a listen or two… Or three… Or four… They’ll make you realise what music can really be about."

"They seem to have all the quality of a household name thats signed and appear on T.V. music stations and radio daily"

"There is little to dislike on TAKE BACK EVERYTHING"

"Look out “Jim Adkins” (Jimmy Eat World vocalist)!! You’ll have some competition now, Simon’s voice is taking over"

"The band are lean and tightly focussed group." "Lost Without Cause are able to generate an impressive wall of noise. If anything their lack of members plays to their advantage"

"Excellent collection of songs that I hope will gain the band more success on top of what they’ve already achieved."

"Lost Without Cause have an interesting Punk/Metal juggernaut of a sound"

"The band who brought MTV to the Green Room, WGC"

"A Watford Three-Piece are creating quite a name for themselves on the local circuit with their mix of punk, rock and acoustic material"