Lost In A World Of Color / Press

“Taking a short break from the stage, the members of Lost in a World of Color reformed and took their places to bring us to their world of experimental indie-folk. In masks and matching, fluorescent, paint-stained, white clothing the, band magnetized us all and brought us towards them. “We are Lost in a World of Color and we hope you are too,” their front man stated at the beginning of their set. Although we weren't quite at that point, we certainly reached that plane momentarily. In intense infatuation, their array of instruments radiated their abilities and innovative tunes. Acoustic guitar, keyboard, viola, a traditional drum set, drums, musical saw, lap harp and banjo created the well-rounded indie feel brought to our ears. Band members switched places, showcasing their versatility and connection with each other, as they were smiling and feeding off of one another as the leaders of the porthole to the world of color should.”