Lost Immigrants / Press

“Oh Hell Yeah! You need to get this CD...one of the best this year!”

“If you haven't seen them yet put it on your "to do soon" list”

“their songs have those great hooks that bring you back for more”


“Another stunning album from Texas”

“some of the most wonderful guitar playing I've heard all year”

Roger Proud - Remedyman

“Lost Immigrants take their place on the New Texas landscape.”

Don Armstrong - CountryStandardTime.com

“The album bears repeated listening”


“One of my albums of the year. Gets better and better with every play.”

Roger Proud - Remedyman

“These guys are unique and thats hard to come by these days”

“Lost Immigrants have successfully blended the drive of the best southern rock bands of the past, and cutting edge Texas music of today into a unique sound that is truly a breath of fresh air.”

“These guys are one of the best working in Texas right now.”

“one of the best up and coming bands ”

“A glorious and vivid testimony of coolness and integrity.”

“Great songs from beginning to end. There are very few albums that don't have a weak song on it, this is one. ”

“Lost Immigrants find the groove and invite you to come along for the ride. Get 'baptized' and join the party.”

“Lost Immigrants are a rockin' bunch.”

“These cats aren’t striving to fit into any particular genre... that freedom allows them to thrive with their own style.”

“Another GREAT album!!!! It's amazing to hear how you guys combine country rock roots with real country. Awesome!!!!”

“Americana music that is subdued without lacking intensity, a hard combination to pull off…but they do.”

“It's great!!! Once again I found passion, heart and talent during the whole cd.”

“hard to believe, but this cd is even better than the first one!”

“Lost Immigrants don’t ignorantly and flagrantly flail their Texas credentials around, their music is analogous to Tommy Lee Jones in that matter. Jones doesn’t announce that he’s from Texas, as much as he just allows Texas to exude from his being.”

“This CD hasn't left my player since I got it.”

“shows quite a bit of promise with their latest release: Baptized-Live From the Hill Country.”

“Dug the hell out of the InStore performance on Radio Free Texas from Lone Star Music. Great music and these guys are probably a blast to hang out with.”

“Dunning’s songwriting has as much in common with Rob Thomas and Adam Duritz as it does Van Zandt and Keen. That unique take on Texas music allows this band to stand out.”