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“Lost Dogma is a band with a unique dichotomy. By day, the four-piece is notable for giving the style of twangy, whiskey-soaked Americana an indie folk-rock sensibility, not unlike the likes of Iron & Wine or late-era Decemberists, but by night, the band is willing to totally flip the switch and deliver a sugary indie influenced alternative sound times in the live setting. Anyone familiar with Lost Dogma’s studio recordings that sees them live for the first time might be a bit bit shocked at just how diversified their catalog is. (click the link to read the entire article)”

“Seattle-based band Lost Dogma consists of experienced musicians that together create head bobbing rock music. Accompanied by a really sweet (in both the heartfelt and colloquial sense of the word) note, the CD was a good listen. It was very similar to Savage Beat from the Glorious Veins, who we had in studio in March. Lead singer Toby C. Brady’s voice sounds like a combination of Del Amitri and The Barenaked Ladies. Although the songs keep a general rock beat, there are several songs that have a more playful Ben-Folds-Five-esque tone.”

“At its core, Lost Dogma's sophomore release is a country-flavored rock record rich with three-part harmonies and tuneful choruses, but the band wanders across a broader rock spectrum, keeping things interesting as they show the influence of Bob Seger ("Sunny Divide"), The Band ("Yellow Brick Road"), and the Grateful Dead ("Never Fight the Devil").”

“I don't think I've ever had a record on repeat as much as the new Lost Dogma since......well I can't remember. It's been a long long time. This is so good!”

“Lost Dogma is serious "red dirt"...pick-up trucks and dust...there is blood running thru my veins that is attached to this music.”

“This is an AMAZING cut. One of our buzz cuts for this week. These guys are out of Seattle. We're glad to have found them and are proud to spin "Hell's Half Acre." ”

The Revolution Radio Show

“Sweetly nostalgic and searching, Lost Dogma imbues the stage with a quiet gruffness that stirs faint echoes of Johnny Cash with the yearning of Townes Van Zant and an energetic passion all their own”

Kate Keith - High Sounds