Lost Chapter / Press

"LOST CHAPTER is a multifaceted band; you can’t quite put them under a certain genre, which is a rarity these days. However, not only are these guys musicians, they also take part in contributing to amazing organizations such as Music Saves Lives by donating 5,000 download cards for their song “Live Or Die”. As we all know, Music Saves Lives has been one of the biggest and best organizations anyone involved in the music industry could possibly contribute to."

“The music itself is worthy of the international attention Lost Chapter is starting to garner. “Unspoken Glory” is a forward driving rhythm that combines harsh vocals that aren’t quite hardcore into a very melodic chorus. The guitar work is very well done and compared to my favorite bass gluttoning track “War Machine,” completely different. It’s quite surprising the number of sounds the band has for the world to hear. Multiple voice segments, pace changes, groove, thrash, Metalcore, and doom elements mark each song in different ways that provides a little bit of something for everyone. This has obviously been done in other bands to try to appeal to a large audience, but with Lost Chapter it appears to just be the way they make music and if you like it great; if you don’t than they will accept your feedback and thank you for listening. ”