Los Sugar Kings / Press

"...Patino Vazquez, charismatic bon vivant and son of Cuban exiles, who along with funk-based session musician Daniel Abreu is as comfortable with the Cuban Son, ballads or all out blues. The amazing rhythm section of Ethiopian born Mikael Mersha and virtuoso drummer Benny Benson, who acts as the glue, a cross between Ginger Baker and Tito Puente, of unclear origin but who could have been born in Belfast or Camaguey."

Ricardo Fernandez - Zingology

“Totally bilingual, comfortably bicultural, compulsively danceable... Once you get on the dance floor you can't get down again. From mambo to reggae, salsa to merengue to rock... each player is facile and moves comfortably among the genres.”

Will Peron - Salem Gazette

"Inspired by Cuban tunes, Los Sugar Kings carved out their own sound… the catchier songs sound like the stuff of potential radio crossover hits. Well crafted melodies... a journey of poetry and dance."

The Boston Globe

"A quick look at the lineup for LSK will convince you that this band is a melting pot. Benny Benson on drums is from Limerick, Ireland, bassist Mik Mersha is Ethiopian/American, and keyboardist Dan Abreu is Portuguese/American. Patino sings and plays the tres, a Cuban guitar-like instrument that has six strings arranged in three pairs. He also plays a new instrument that combines the sound of the tres with two more bass strings."

The Patriot Ledger

"Los Sugar Kings can’t be lumped into one genre.. Judging by how busy they are these days, more and more people are liking what they hear. While their visits to Boston are revving up, they maintain a busy schedule north of the city."

Boston Herald