Los Hooligans / Press

“Los Hooligans may have run wild across the stage, but in the studio they defied their name to behave like perfect gentlemen, reeling out the most sophisticated and flawless performances imaginable. No wonder third wave fans were blown away by the arrival of their long-awaited debut album, 1997's Traditions. Now, they're back with a new CD, Mafioso Ska. Unlike Traditions or Los Hooligans' last cover-filled eponymous set, this time, bandleader Tony Luna composes all but two of the songs. There's also a plethora of excellent vocal tracks, the brash aforementioned "Day," the Spanish-tinged "Forget Why You Still Think of Me," the cool stylings of "I'm Just the Foolish One," the bopping "True Love," and most spectacularly, the soulful Stax-styled "Just Let Me Be a Man" among them. Once again, los Hooligans deliver up an album guaranteed to set the entire scene alight, with every track as spectacular as the one before it. It was a long time coming, but well worth the wait.”

“How can you not love an album that begins with the sound of a guy getting gunned down for mentioning the name of the very band you're about to get an earful of? Apart from an obvious sense of humor, California's Los Hooligans wield some expert ska skills as well. Even for a ska outfit they're heavy on the horns (six of 'em), and that brass sure does blaze. Plus they know when a dose of jazz, rockish guitar, or Latin rhythm will goose things along. Some of the relentless rhythmic gallop that characterizes much ska is toned down here in favor of a lighter touch that at times seems to split the difference between ska and swing, giving the band an open, grooving feel that fits their cover of Carly Simon's "You Belong to Me" and most everywhere else as well. Equal parts vintage cool and original swagger, Mafioso Ska is mobs of fun.”