Los High Tops / Press

"Smooth" is an apt description for the surf/billy/blues melange wrought by North Californians...(Los High Tops). "Melodic" also serves handily. "Aggressive" is here too, though rightly as but one cooperative factor in the splendid whole.

“..rockabilly skinned of affectation and free of gaseous and directionless hypertuniness. “Honey Baby Sugar” … with a bit of bebop, perfectly placed instrumentals .. made me want to listen over and over. “Hotwire” and “Death Agent 13” .. well-played instrumentals..shadowy, showy, fun”

“... energetic and melodic Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly, powerful and danceable, fun and upbeat... I dig this release with mostly original material that rocks but emphasizes melody. It has a great sound with especially expert guitar work - a powerful performance by Los High Tops. ”

“more than just a CD, it’s a journey. It takes you through a gamut of styles and genres, without losing the band’s identity. Los High Tops stamp themselves on every track and demonstrate a wide repertoire as well as accomplished musicianship ... experimental and true to the faith at the same time”

“Die High Tops sind ein Trio, das den Swing von Billy Bacon rüberbringt, aber irgendwo auch Rockabilly-orientiert ist. Außerdem haben sie es drauf, mal ein Surf-Instrumental a la Dick Dale rauszuhauen. Oder Western-Swing, ..... Roots, Americana? No more words, simply great! 4 ½ Sterne”

““Lemon Drop”, which is a fast paced rocker with some clever guitar work on it. There are a couple of nice instrumentals; “Hotwire”, “Betsy Stroll” and “Death Agent 13”, ....my favourite by far was “Hep Cat Jump”,... As an instrumental band they are superb and really shine.”

“Five Stars. Qu’est-ce gue le Surfabilly? Pour le savoir, rien de plus facile: il suffit d’écouter l’album du trio .... Cette formule est typique du Rockabilly, mais ils vont au-delà, y ajoutant des embellissements de leur cru et étant capables de sortir des instrumentaux rockin’ Surf bien”

Bernard Boyat - Sur La Route de Memphis (no 94)

“The title rockabilly track literally jumps out of the speakers... Los High Tops are not just in it for three-chords and cloud of dust..... "Hotwire," is a surf instrumental for those of us who are tired of surf instrumentals... it is so rich that it stands up to repeated listenings.”

“California trio that mixes rockabilly, surf .. rocking jump blues. A fresh plate with a band that is able to vary the sound in an exemplary manner. The title track "Texas Radio" really has hit potential and it is certainly not the only track that stands out here.”

“Een tip ....luister eens naar "The Border Radio" van the Blasters of deze "Texas Radio" van hun Californische spitsbroeders Los High Tops die met hun debuutalbum duidelijk op dezelfde golflengte zitten.”