Lorrie Clark / Press

“King O' Metal : Lorrie Clark receives a autographed copy of her CD signed by Stephen King for her song: "King of Horror" written about the fright novelist !”

“With a hard-hitting, sharp-edged sound, comparable to bands like, Black Sabbath and Metalica, Victoria based rock group Mind Over Matter seem to have found their niche in the heavy metal music scene. But it's the rugged voice of lead singer Lorrie Clark that lends them a distinct flavor.”

“Don't know about you, but for me, the phrases "caring, feeling people" and "heavy-metal- rock-bands" don't exactly go hand and hand. "Father I feel unwanted/I died so young, I died in fear/Father can I close my eyes?" goes one verse. Some of the other tunes on the disc seem sort of ominous. "Walls Of Madness" is about cannibal-murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, Oblivion was about vandals at the Ross Bay Cemetery and King Of Horror was inspired by fright novelist Steven King”