Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road / Press

"This outfit just keeps getting bigger."

John Roten - WMXF/WPEK

" I love Carolina Road. Banjo player is from Monroe."

Bob Rogers - WIXE

" Lorraine can always be counted on to deliver some grand ole bluegrass. Great performance!"

Bill Knowlton - WCNY/WUNY/WJNY

" One of the finest bands on the circuit and a great song that not everyone could tackle. But, they nailed it to the wall!!!"

Buddy Michaels - WBAG/WKRX/WLHC

"Ahhhhh...real bluegrass."

Maurice Kurtz - Valley FM/QBN FM

" This IS bluegrass!"

Larry Robinson - WDCB

" What can I say? Man, o Man, that's great bluegrass with a twist. Always have a spot on my playlist for Lorraine."

Willis H. Walker - WJFC/WPWT

" A very unique arrangements that will have fan appeal. Although every aspect of the song is commendable, the harmony vocals are the most captivating."

Wayne Bledsoe - KUMR

" Excellent top class singing and music."

Graham Hassall - Radio Nightingale

" Yes! This band never disappoints."

Bud Hoskins & Bob Blanshard - WTBK

" This is the kind of traditional bluegrass that gets me on my feet!"

Joe Wills - WBZC

" High on our charts!"

Garry Tilley - WDSL

" Bluegrass at its best. Don't get no better. Good job, Lorraine."

Dorsey Hostetter - WLUR

" This is a true treat for the traditional bluegrass fans. Superb harmonies and a foot-tapping song that pulls you in...and gives you a big hug. Can't wait to hear the full CD."

Mark Baum - Boulton Beach Studios

" Another great tune by Carolina Road. Keep them coming!"

Stewart Beach - WRHC

" Thanks for sending me this fine CD. The harmony is just awesome and the pickers are also."

Larry Roberts - WGCS

"Under her guidance, Carolina Road has been steadily gaining ground among fans of traditional bluegrass music every year."

Gulf Coast Living

"Congratulattions to LJ&CR on a great new gospel project - they never disappoint us - and this gospel cd is tops!! ~ you can quote me on that! ~"

Gracie Muldoon - World Wide Bluegrass