Lorraine Jordan / Press

"Her outstanding voice, given great scope by her tender song writing is so unique that to attempt to describe it is almost a futile task."

Propaganda (Proper Distribution Magazine - UK)

" one of those albums which you'll want to put on repeat play after one hearing, 'cos you just know that further subtleties await you on successive plays...."

"I was tempted to close my eyes and believe I was listening to my dream combination of Joni Mitchell and Mary Black and could imagine them both singing to me and me alone. I challenge anyone not to be fully seduced by Your Love and I hope I can remember the sentiments as I will never be able to replicate the melody. This is the person you would like for your own living requiem..not for your wake because it would be such a waste not to be there to hear it. "

Simon Bibby - Folking.com

"You only have to listen to tracks such as Dreamers, Danni and Your Magesty to realise why Lorraine is regarded as one the finest singer songwriters in Britain today. She just has that knack of writing a wonderous lyric and also has the ability to convey the songs meaning to the listener in such a way as to tease your every emotion. "

Maverick (UK)

" An artist that has genuinely come of age. Her song Dreamers could have been penned by Sandy Denny, Sweet Mystery by Nick Drake and Your Love by Joan Armatrading - but they're all her own. Her songs rank among the finest of their genre, and deserve recognition."

Grem Devlin - Living Tradition - Scotland