Lorna Cifra / Press

“Was in THE JAZZ BIBLE, NYC HOT HOUSE (NYC jazz journal) for performance schedule”

The Jazz Bible, NYC (Jazz Journal)

““Lorna Cifra is a wonderful singer and musician. She is equally comfortable in singing standards, scatting, and presenting songs that are typically associated with the musical theatre. Her sense of time, tempo, and pitch are consitently on target. She is also very generous to her accompanying musicians, giving them many opportunities to express themselves individually as well as contributing in supporting roles. I have no hesitation in recommending Lorna as a jazz vocalist with a dynamic voice and great stage presence.” August 11, 2009 Steve Elmer, Managing Partner, Stockard-Elmer & Company, Inc. was with another company when working with Lorna at GINO MORATTI TALENT AGENCY ”


““I have known Lorna for many years. She is a great singer and entertainer. She is a very kind person and has a true interest in entertaining her audience. She is very creative.” August 11, 2009 ”

Warren Bluestein, President, BGT Limited

“Originally from Manila, she is one of the real, most talented singers with outstanding soulful rendition and a natural sense of rythm. With her flexible and expressive vocal prowess, she definitely makes it a point to be in close contact and maintains utmost intimacy with her audience. She has a wide selection of repertoire and is also able to sing in other foreign languages. She is well travelled which explains why she has that magnetic and irresistible personality. Her performance will definitely take you to a different level of music consciousness and an excellent treat you will never forget. ”