Lori Dreier / Press

"Prairie girl your song is the flight of cool evening wind on our hearts."

Elizabeth Scherman - United Church in University Place

“Dreier plans to “explore the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways exclusion takes place in our churches, schools, and society at large for those who may be considered the ‘other.’””

"Wherever she plays, audiences immediately warm up to her soft voice and charismatic stage presence." -AM

“Quote about Lori: "With her dark hair and big eyes-bears a resemblance to actress Selma Blair possesses a misty, come-hither voice that could make a fleet of soldiers on the other side of the globe stand up and salute."”

“This Friday, Mark Newmann's playing. Saturday will be Fort Worthian Lori Dreier, one of this area's best singer/songwriters (and I'm not just saying that because she's a Star-T employee; heck, she doesn't even know where I sit).”

“Fort Worth Weekly, HearSay, Wednesday August 24, 2005 Four Star in the Black By Hearsay Help inaugurate the return of sound on Saturday, when elegant hippie chick-slash-chanteuse Lori Dreier performs, 8-10pm (I don’t even think the evil Four Star was open that late on weekends) at 3324 W 7th St. For more info, call 817-336-5555. ...”