“Lori hits us with this double whammy of songs that lift the spirit, get you thinking and get you ready for romancing.”

“Lori, > I just wanted to tell you how awesome your cd is. I > bought it kind > of on a whim at the website where I was buying > another cd. I was > able to listen to some of your tracks on the site > and knew I had to > buy it! I love it. Each and every song is > unbelievably awesome, but > I must confess, my very favorite is Time to Fly. > When are you > releasing volume two?! You need to know that I > listen to it over and > over and over. I think I can sing every song along > with you. I am so > captivated by your voice and range. You are my new > favorite artist > and I am telling everyone about you. "Who?" they > say. I have no > doubt that one day they will say, "Yeah, I've heard > of her". I wish > you the very best. You have touched me through your > music and I > thank you for that. > Your fan, > Veronica”

“Lori I just want to thank you song "Shout to the troops". Being a current soldier myself I really appreciate the thought that went into this song. Too many take for granted what we do and some even condemn it but they wouldn't even have the right to do so if it wasn't for men and women who fought and died to give them those rights. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for making my day! I have already shared you song and will continue to do say. Be well Spider aka Ronald B. Seaman Jr. Sergeant First Class United States Army ”

" She ultimately leaves her audience applauding for more.This Three and 1/2octave vocalist is an enigma." "Once this ethnic beauty graces the stage her vocals are the last thing in question! " Craig Payne from music management.