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"I'm Gone - beautiful! That one's got HIT written all over it! Very powerful songwriting!" - Ron Olesko, WFDU-FM 89.1,Traditions Radio Show

““Crisp, bright guitars and a joyous refrain of “I’m good as gold now that you’re home”. And so begins the new project from singer/songwriter Loretta Hagen, Mud and Stone. Like the CD title, her lyrics are as genuine and earthy as the lady herself. We rejoice at the return of a loved one in “Now That You’re Home” or get lost in the daydreams of “I’m Gone”. Her heroines fight the everyday battles of finding love or figuring out who will be there “When My Years Are Stacked”. Loretta’s honeyed voice and uplifting melodies help us find a way through.Guitarist Gary Hagen’s leads add just the right amount of color to fill it all out.” Joe Pszonek WMSC “Radio Nowhere””

““Mud and Stone will be a treasure for weeks, months, and years to come” Ron Olesko WFDU-FM Traditions 89.1”

"[Loretta's been] blessed with ... an uncanny gift of being able to write songs about everyday life which tug on the heart strings" - Sol Zeller, Borderline Folk Music Club

"I've always enjoyed [Loretta Hagen's] music since I first heard [her] a few years back. [Loretta's] songs sound incredible. I love that!" - Ron Olesko, WFDU-FM 89.1, Traditions Radio Show

"Loretta's manner and voice are imbued with such quiet, unassuming grace that you don't realize at first that she has completely stolen your heart!" - Laura Foord, Heights House Concerts

"Loretta Hagen is building a following throughout the Metropolitan area. She writes songs that sound like they can come from the Heartland, but they also really come from the heart." John Platt WFUV 90.7 (Roger McGuinn at Mainstage Concert)

John Platt - WFUV

“Loretta is a star that has blossomed and come of age and is now ready for the big time. The audience was truly impressed with her talent and I am still receiving calls from our audience members praising her performance." Sol Zeller Borderline Folk Music Club ”

Borderline Folk Music Club

"Loretta is an amazing performer and writer, and the Borderline is doing an incredible job of presenting such artists to the community." Ron Olesko WFDU 89.1 Traditions

Ron Olesko WFDU - Traditions

"You're truly a shining star and it's wonderful to see you getting the recognition and admiration you so RICHLY deserve. Congratulations!" Carol Beaugard WFDU 89.1 Lonesome Pine RFD ~ Carol Beaugard & Blue Express

Lonesome Pine RFD WFDU

"Loretta Hagen, is a rising star in the world of folk music. She has been blessed with a rich alto voice as well as an uncanny gift of being able to write songs about everyday life which tug on the heart strings." Sol Zeller Borderline Folk Music Club

Sol Zeller - Borderline Folk Music Club

““Day” is a contemplative gem. Over gliding finger-style guitar Loretta sings: “Day, it’s getting late / I’ll say thanks, oh and please, Day, on your way / Tell the night to be easy and get me through / To day It’s poignant enough when taken as Loretta asking for mercy for herself, but when the sentiment is seen as very likely a prayer that her mother might be whispering, it’s devastating.”

"Need inspiration today? Weather got you down? Give a listen to Loretta Hagen's "HELLO MOUNTAIN" on Warwick Valley Living by fast forwarding to the 3rd song on our player. I guarantee you'll find your spirit rising." November Featured Performer: Loretta Hagen www.warwickvalleyliving.com

“Richard Cuccaro editor of Acoustic Live in NYC Magazine has written a beautiful, poignant story about the musical life of NJ singer/songwriter Loretta Hagen http://www.LorettaHagen/ The June issue cover story traces Loretta's early beginings as a musician, her time in Nashville, the performers she has shared the stage with, and her advocacy for her Mom who suffers Alzheimer's disease and how she has brought the disease to attention through her music. Richard Cuccaro brilliantly brings Loretta's poignant story to life, and gives you a glimpse into the heart and courage of this talented musician. http://www.acousticlive.com/acoustic_live/June_2010.html”

"Loretta had a rich voice and her songs were insightful. Another tune was a call to compassion and "Mirror, Mirror" was a wistful song reflecting on life and moments in time."

"Loretta has a magnificent voice and is a terrific performer! Great new CD!" Jim Monaghan WDHA FM All Mixed Up Radio Show

Jim Monaghan - WDHA

“New York Times “her music blends a good mix of Americana genres, including folk, country, rock and blues””

New York Times

"Loretta Hagen has been writing, recording and performing music profes- sionally since the early nineties. But never before was her music - a mix of folk, country and rock - so impactful as when she composed Sundown Till Dawn, a song about her mother, Vera Tutini, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease six years ago. The song has become her unofficial anthem for those with the disease, Loretta was invited to the Alzheim- er’s Association 2009 Public Policy Forum, held in Washington, D.C., where she performed the song for Alzheimer’s advocates during a National Candlelight Vigil.