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Lorenzo moved to London in his twenties looking to find a "home" for his piano. Soon he became the target of a ferocious criminal organisation rooted within the London borough of Camden, Foxtons, and their clients, who did their very best to prevent Lorenzo to play the piano at his place. They damaged the building structures, causing his hospitalisation in 2007, then removed the acoustic insulation within the party floor, to make things even worse. With the last falsification of court transcripts carried out by the Camden mafia, Lorenzo experienced a civil death in England. He endured trespasses, assaults, perjuries and acts of legal terrorism sponsored first, then carried out directly by the London Borough of Camden meant to criminalise and label Lorenzo's rare piano playing as a form of statutory nuisance, and antisocial behaviour. He was persecuted for the sake of Camden hiding and not repairing the structural acoustic defects affecting their properties. Camden's implied aim, was to prevent Lorenzo to supersede the high court ruling Baxter Vs Camden, which would have indeed superseded was he allowed to appeal. As a net result Camden, Foxtons and their clients kept selling defective premises, without the need of acoustically insulate their empty and rotten timber floors. Lorenzo self thought skills both in music and as a private prosecutor, were perceived as a threat, hence corrupted judges, were employed by Camden London Borough and local lawyers persuaded to drop systematically his defence since 2008. Further frauds were carried out by the Associated Board of Royal School of Music based in Camden, with blatant falsification of records, in view to persuade Lorenzo that England as a whole ended up ruled by satan itself. Lorenzo rather identified the existence of terrorist activities carried out by few members of the London Borough of Camden, and analysed the bias of the British and Italian justice systems both, for they can be easily hijacked by few interested parties with enough money in their pockets. Lorenzo was civilly assassinated by coordinated efforts in perverting the course of justice, and social engineering both carried out by the London borough of Camden, and by their sponsors, operating within the polarised matrix of embed duality existent on this planet, intrinsically and widely opened to manipulations and corruption practices. The system they way it is structured allows for bigotry, political and religious dogma, which are the very cause of wars, past and future potential nuclear conflicts. Forced to defend his human rights to life and to freedom of expression in biased jurisdictions, both in Italy and the UK, and by knowing that his victories would have prompted millions to do the very same, his legal actions were due to this doomed and sabotaged systematically. The persecution Lorenzo endured in London, lasted more than a decade, even today. During this time he had to live sensory deprived, due to the environmental hazards planted by the London Borough of Camden and by its clients. He had to wear earplugs at all times due to the excruciating level of noise nuisance, vibrations, squeaking noise and mechanical compression of the mass of air at his place combined with acts of legal terrorism carried out by the Camden London Borough in terms reversed paradoxical allegations, perjuries, fabrication and falsification of records. More attacks and act of legal terrorism were performed by the London Borough of Camden soon after Lorenzo obtained a set of UKAS acoustic tests carried out by Stanstead Environmental Services Ltd, that confirmed Lorenzo's 8 years of noise complaints systematically ignored by the so called Authority ( The environmental departments at the LBC). The aim of the aforementioned criminal organisations, was to assassinate and to prevent Lorenzo's appeals by deploying a system known as Trauma based mind control Technique, already utilised by the Nazis, and meant to induce compartmentalised amnesia in the targeted subjects. Threatened of incarceration was he playing his piano, Lorenzo reached the edge of life itself. There he met the (I Am) Infinite Self and started a journey inward, at the core of creation, where Light, transmutes into music, now shared with the world.

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Lorenzo Conti
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Classical / New Age / Piano solo

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London, ENG, UK