Lorence Michaels / Press

“Hi Lorence! I think this phrase would express how I connect with your music "If I were the boss at major record company, I would definitely sign a deal with you immediately!" alll the best to you and God bless!!!”

“hi think I've listened 30 times already.)))”

“God Lorence how I love this music, you are truly a down to earth kind of person , I love that about you, you are simply amazing to me Lorence. Good luck and may God bless you and your family ...”

“Great music. Thanks for continuing to make music so we don't have to listen to the Katy Perry's of the world.”

“hi I'm ready to hear more, Lorence!!! Please?! Love the song named Never Leave in the playlist. dion”

“Your music is awesome Lorence. I hope some day, I will come to your show, this is one of my dreams, to see you and hear you, I know all your songs and are wonderfull....send you greetings... God bless you”

“now THAT's music for my soul ive been listening to this all day, seems like you can never get tired of it!”

“hi! This tune i got something special for you makes me more and more addicted EVERY TIME I HEAR IT! I'm hooked.”

“Everything you touch becomes in something beautiful with your voice and talent!!”

“Hi Lorence, Thank you for your music, thank you for your voice, thank you for your soul, thank you for sharing your gift we all of us. Thank you. One and a thousand times, thank you. Aida Moose”

“Lorence! I love your music, by the way! I like Look At You, So Beautiful. I just enjoy this song that I would turn up the radio in my car and sing as loud as I can, I don't care who's watching me.”

Gregg Kay - NumberOneMusic.com

“Keep on singing Lorence, that's all we need... Thank you,”

“OMG Your voice is so good that it gives me goose bumps! So amazing! Your song Top Model Ft Flash E means more to me that anyone will EVER know, the lyrics are perfect, and my god you can sing!!!!!!!!”

“hello Lorence I like ur style,voice nd really u r the best! ben”

Ben H - N1Music

“Hey I became totally addicted to your tune Sunshine Or Rain since I got the first promo alert from numberonemusic.com to visit your page, I want to download this one to my collection which I'm playing while driving in my car through traffic jams. Please send me a direct link to buy this tune from itunes or cdbaby. Let me know, I just can't wait to buy it. --”

Denis Khorev - N1Music.com

“Love the music and you are one of my favorites! Your music is so catchy! I can't wait until your next track is released! Please upload it immediately and let me know asap! BEST!”

Tracy - N1Music

“Hey! I will never forget that day I cam across your music. I went listened to each tune and could not believe it. Every track was so awesome. After each I hit replay. I probably played it 5 times in a row that first time. I barely got any sleep that day because I was so happy and proud of you!! I called my best friends Miranda and Angela to come and listen. They were excited too. I didn't want to stop listening and I was even playing it tonight. Besides Top Model Ft Flash E, it is my favorite. Hearing for the first time was like completely a spiritual moment in my life. God bless ya!!”

Morton - N1Music.com