“The presence of RHAPSODY , etc. that takes into account the elements symphonic is a great influence around the world GAMMA RAY and HELLOWEEN, STRATOVARIUS, and ANGRA, laid the form of one of the power metal from the 1980s to the 1990s , bands of the new generation I have created one after another the . It will be appreciated that the cage to Asia of course is such bands , so far has also introduced some , but pick up this time it's LORD SYMPHONY of Indonesia”

“Lord Symphony is a promising new underground band on the rise. The band hails from Solo, Central Java, in Indonesia and mixes traditional European power metal in the key of Gamma Ray with a more epic and symphonic touch inspired by Rhapsody Of Fire, and then adds traditional Javanese gamelan elements in several tracks. The occasional use of bamboo flutes, bowed strings, gongs, kendang drums, metallophones, plucked strings, and xylophones give this band a rather unique identity.”

“Enter, Lord Symphony! Hail, the sacrificial son of Indonesia power symphonic metal. Perhaps the strongest force in the resurrection of the genre nowadays. Lord Symphony was power / speed metal band from Indonesia, their base in Center Java province. Their mission is to re-introduce power metal into the local audiences. Literally, this is not difficult, because the names of Rhapsody of Fire, Stratovarius, Helloween, Gamma-Ray”

“The Lord’s Wisdom is still an easy four star range rating for me. The band show that they have plenty to offer the symphonic power metal genre, particularly their embracing of gamelan within the sound provides a few unusual touches”

“インドネシアのシンフォニック/メロディック・パワー・メタル・バンド バンドよりボーカルのGlennが脱退してました。 後任としてArifという人の加入が発表されました。”

“Epic power metallers from Solo, Indonesia, Lord Symphony are scheduled to perform with Gamelan Orchestra at Sangiran Pre-Historic Museum, Sragen, Central Java, on Sunday, September 23rd, 2012.”

“Tema wayang menginspirasi grup band Lord Symphony untuk menggarap album Bharatayudha. Band beraliran rock ini memulai perjalanan dari festival musik di Kota Solo dan sekitarnya. ”Kami akan selalu mencoba berpijak pada kearifan budaya lokal di tengah serbuan budaya global.”

“Musik boleh saja keras, tapi rasa cinta kepada Tanah Air band Lord Symphony tidak perlu diragukan lagi. Lewat musik yang diusungnya, mereka memperkenalkan wayang kepada seluruh dunia.”

“Die Indonesischen Epic Power Metaller LORD SYMPHONY haben jetzt ihre Single "Black Dawn" hier auf Facebook als Free Download online gestellt. Die Band sagte: "The full single will be released worldwide on May 20th, and this single will also be released as a limited DVD containing videoclips of all tracks on the Black Dawn single." ”

“Indonesiska power metal bandet Lord Symphony har satt den 1 oktober 2011 som den globala digitala release datumet för deras nya singel Bima Suci.”

“I think that Lord Symphony offer up something musically which is a passable attempt at a mid-period Helloween meets Dragonforce speedy metal band”

“You have so many of the elements to be a great band. More time on the road and lots of writing will see you continue the progress you are already making. Best of luck and keep it up!”

“Genuinely speaking-there are some great hooks here, the music sounds very grand, epic and typically bombastic like much of the European power metal scene. In particular, the singer has a striking voice, right up there in the Halford/Ripper Owens range and perfect for this kind of music.”

“AMORPHISの新作『The Beginning Of Time』が、またもや良い感じの仕上がりのようで、個人的にも気になっているのですが、彼らは自国フィンランドの叙事詩”Kalevala”をテーマにしたアルバムを発表し続けているのは周知の通り。昨今のバンドの音楽的成熟度も目を見張るものがあるが、なんといっても母国の叙事詩をテーマにするというコンセプトが素晴らしい。そんなことをされたら、どうしたって浪漫を掻き立てられるのは仕方のないことだろう。 ”

“Bharatayudha Part 1, the debut album from Indonesian power metal band Lord Symphony, has been released since November. Song samples are available on Amazon. The band's debut has been described as an epic album containing 11 power tracks (with 80 minutes of playing time), featuring mostly fast/speed tracks with killer guitar riffs and fast drumkicks, rich of melodies with powerful lyrics, symphonic keyboards arrangements, high pitched and clean vocal and beautiful choir arrangements. You can hear a unique mixture of common European Power Metal style blended with Javanese traditional music elements. The story of this conceptual album is adapted from an ancient Javanese epic story Bharatayudha, the most important part of Mahabharata story written by Empu Sedap and Empu Panuluh during year 1100 AD. The album was released digitally on November 10, and in Indonesia on November 22 (containing one more track). ”