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“This is pure, fun, well written pop rock made by some really cool guys from the USA. Loomis & The Lust have this 60′s surf SoCal vibe about them that cheers you up a little bit every time you listen. More importantly though, these guys don’t take themselves too seriously, and as a result they just kinda ooze coolness… Check out some tunes below or go to their Myspace here. Do it, they’re really good!”

“Check out this totally catchy song and hilariously clever video from a hot new band whose frontman, Will Loomis, has ADHD. I love this band! So well done! If you do, too, spread the word. You can hear samples from their latest CD and purchase it on Amazon here.”

“Loomis and the Lust sound a lot like what I imagine Collective Soul would if they reorganized themselves as an Outfield cover band. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s awesome. Will Loomis sounds like a cross between Bob Schneider and the aforementioned Ed Roland, with more swagger than either, while the rest of The Lust back him up with some of the most solid classic rock and pop I’ve heard in a long time. This is music to swagger to, get into trouble with and play out of open windows. The Space Camp EP is far too short, but it packs a lot of heat into it’s 15-minute running time.”

““Space Camp,” is the most recent mini-album from Loomis and the Lust, and after one listen I’m convinced that these are guys I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. Their sound is pure rock and roll that gets a little glammy in the solos, mixed with a hell of a lot of irony. This is hysterically clear in their first track “ADD,” which chronicles the thought process of a dude with the namesake affliction. Half of Orange County kids have been popping Ritalin their whole lives, so this track feels extra poignant and knife-twistingly comical. The vocals are more like the impassioned chatting of Bob Dylan rather than real singing, but that quirkiness only adds to the appeal. ”

“Loomis & the Lust is a smart, lean and energetic band of twenty-somethings who look backwards through the lens of classic pop and rock while retaining a contemporary sound that steers blessedly clear of the dull guitar murk that passes for rock in the post-grunge era and vaults well past the soundalike mediocrity of indie-rock's ever-expanding purgatory. Charismatic frontman Loomis' blond beach-boy good looks, intelligent eyes and assured demeanor are offset by unselfconscious head bobs and an endearingly goofy grin. The band's newer material is ample evidence that primary songwriter Will Loomis is just beginning to find the sweet spot among his myriad musical tastes. All that being said, though, the two-year-old band can already boast one bona fide pop A-lister, "Bright Red Chords." The two-and-a-half-minute song is an unabashed ode to the love of music - specifically, the analog variety.”

“We want more because whether it's the hit in the making, "Bright Red Chorus," or the crunchy pop of "Break On Love," this band should really be a household name within a year or two. Nagasha is a super impressive introduction to a super mature and super tight band that shows Loomis and the Lust are beyond ready to make the big leap”

"the band provides a jolt of needed rock and roll good times into the overly indulgent landscape of Gaga-era glam ram. We are looking for big things from this band "

““It's dance-oriented, it’s funky, and it’s something you might need to hide from your parents… Funky jungle beats, in the pocket bass lines, screaming guitars, and eagle cry vocals.” “keep an eye out – they’re simply one of those bands on the verge of HUGE things””

“ARTIST DIRECT "A force to be reckoned with in 2009." ”

Artist Direct

"Loomis & the Lust are the perfect rock band for the 21st century"

LAX Magazine

"Catchiest damn thing I've ever heard!"

Phat J - KJEE