Long Sword Spectacular / Press

"...unapologetically over-the-top brand of rock 'n' roll..."

“Long Sword Spectacular will bring their blend of metal, facial hair and unadulterated sex...If you’ve never seen the power and majesty of LSS, I cannot urge you to do so enough. By the end you will want to join their band or kill them for impregnating your girlfriend.”

"LSS has an eclectic sound, mixing rock & roll with doom, stoner and southern metal and these guys stage presence was stellar!"

“If you haven’t taken in a Long Sword Spectacular gig, you really are missing out. They have a good fan base that welcomed me with open arms, and are just good people. The band cranks out some great tunes, the members are very engaging, they love to sit and have a beer with friends and fans after the show, and everyone has a lot of fun. So check them out ASAP!”

“Long Sword Spectacular is not your everyday power trio. They're not too serious, their music is anything but pretentious, and they genuinely look like they're having fun onstage. Never afraid to poke fun at themselves, or each other, their shows are always a good time, while still managing to churn out one good, hard-rocking song after another...If you're looking for a fun, heavy, riff-driven band to go see...catch Long Sword Spectacular.”

"They put on the most fun show I had seen in a LONG time ... That’s the thing about their music, there is a light, fun quality to most of [their songs], despite the fact they are very heavy and more Metal sounding. That in turn is what makes them so enjoyable in my opinion, because while there is a bit of anger to Josh's voice and all the other Metal traits are present, too, they don’t fit the stereotypical mold, and have a style that is all their own. They stole the show this night, and every other band could only hope to be as half as good as they were."

"They represent the aesthetic in heavier music that has been sadly neglected in recent years, namely melody, arrangements that satisfy the headbanger AND the thinking musician/progressive fan, with none of the pretentiousness. Make it out to see them."

Jeff Hopson