LONE WOLF one man band / Press

“Lone Wolf is shrewd enough to pace songs that alternate from fast and slow tempos to weave them into something that can be properly digested by the listener. And live, Lone Wolf cuts a striking figure on stage.”

“ Lone Wolf OMB's music is lightning fast and hard driving, so damn fast that at first I thought the album was playing at the wrong speed! How the hell does he do that?”

“The style that I play today I think really expresses who I am and tells the story of my musical journey in life thus far. I love dirty, pre war delta and swamp blues, Appalachian folk songs, punk, rockabilly and psychobilly. I’d like to say that my music is a fusion of such genres.”

“One-man bands that do the whole banjo thing aren't as rare as some might think. One-man bands who do the whole banjo thing exceptionally well are pretty rare, however, each of them standing out as a credit to the scene in his own way. Phillip Roebuck, The Dad Horse Experience, One Man Banjo, Thee Asthmatic Avenger, Royer's One-Man Band, and Trainwreck Washington are a few those artists, and now so too is Lone Wolf One Man Band. ”

“Lone Wolf is wagering that the Blues he loves is still worth singing in a society that values music less than Satan does. If that's good enough for Daddy, that should be good enough for you”

“This is the best clawhammer banjo music I have heard in the modern era.”

“A voice, stomped and filtered through the finest Florida tar, look and see the Man, regaling the disintegrating concrete, fluid and distilled, bad whiskey in delirium tremens....you didn't know the dance you made, but it was the ends of the earth..thus, is Lone Wolf OMB.”