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““It has very different type of levels of intensity and makes it worthwhile especially when the chorus hits and the long notes hit. Its catchy and can possibly be another great song on the radio. who is this they need to play this music around the world more often.” “this song is really indeed a hit. from the beat to the vocals to the instrumentals. i think this song has a great beat. i think the vocals of this song is really fantastic . i think the instrumental of this song is also marvelous. i think the artist is a super star. I think people will really like this song. please help us release it to the air so that i can hear it again” “The beat was very harsh and strong in the beginning, it really wakes you up. This song seems very fun to perform, it would be amazing in concert. The vocals are very fitting for this song, the singer has a bit of an accent. The lyrics are well thought of and rhyme well. This artist seems very skilled.””

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““The bass of this song is powerful and floor shaking. The guitar chords are strong and seem to rip through the air. I love the deep, smooth vocals. The lyrics are compelling, and describe what wanting someone desperately is like very well. The instrumentals are amazing, and overall, the song is amazing. ” “I liked the heavy strums from the guitar from the very beginning because it sounds cool as ever! The vocals are very tempting to bring you to the dark side and what not, haha. Loved how 80's metal it sounds. The quality of the instruments are very good and I like the lyrics for this because it reminds me of Metallica and all.” “The guitar in this song is great. I really loved how the music swelled at the very beginning of the song and then gradually became more intense. The use of drum is also great, in addition to awesome instruments the vocalist also do a great job complementing the music.””

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““Loving the guitar and the solo into the song, good vocals and keeps pace going through out the song very good to listen to and would listen to again, would recommend for a listen to friends, good vocals and good instrument timing and keeps good pace for whole song, love the guitar and drum in the middle of the song, would recommend. ” “this songs heavy man its good nice vocals and its clear to the audience that a lot of time and effort went into the production of this one. keep up the good work mate and i can see you going places. ill recommend you to all my friends ””

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“The song has a balanced and interesting intro, the combination betwen guitar and powerful drum, give a lot of energy to track structure. The singer has a varied vocal tone, and control to change from high tones to low tones. The guitar solo shows a really elaborated performace, talented and strong in many sense. The lyrics are mysterious with a deep dark touch, pretty cool. ” “the guitar riff and every thing in the beginning including the drums was just awesome. the vocal omg!!! what did you eat to make your vocal so amazing . the instrumental was just amazing like i said in the beginning and so is the vocal and the production Omg!!!””

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““The first thirty seconds of guitar and drums sounded very familar, but I'm sure I've never heard it before! It 's just one of those classic rock songs that you can easily get into. It defintely sounded like something my parents would jam out to! It was a great song! I loved the drums.” “I loved the legato chord at the start which contrasted the amazing solo really well. Great use of pinch harmonics. This also contrasted with the verse which had a much softer feel until the full band sound return just before the chorus. The wah on the guitar during the solo was very a creative touch” “This song definitely fits within the hard-rock genre. The introduction to the song is solid and is of a perfect length. The structure of the song overall is solid, as there is a clear transition between the verses and the chorus. Overall a very well produced piece of music. ””

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““This reminds me of an Green Day song. You put in a riff which makes the song sound really good and upbeat. On verse 2, there is a nice transition from chorus 1 to verse 2. The texture became thinner. Then on chorus 2, the signer suddenly sung louder and the texture became louder. The bridge is pretty interesting, there is a nice electric guitar solo.” “I like the way the electric guitar and the drums join together in this song and I like the background music and how it represents the song and also I like how it makes you feel. I also like the singers voice and I like each verse that he sings.” “Strong use of the guitar in the beginning. Harsh but it was a great intro. Introduction was great when paired after the voice of the singer. The singers voice was great and works well with the production. I feel it was a great pace and one can really get hooked.”

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““introduction was insane. the metal guitar is great. I like the vocalist and his lyrics are easy to understand and he does not allow instrumentals to overpower him the instruments used were very entertaining. the performance is very good. the recording of this song is great and sounds flawless. the production is great. the song is well written. overall a good song, I see potential in this in the metal rock world.” “Immediately starts off with a very catchy instrumental which continues throughout the track. The vocals go nicely with the instrumental changing to be more intense at the chorus. The lyrics are nicely written with a strong meaning attatched to it which is also helped out by the matching instrumental to set the mood of the track. This piece was very enjoyable and had a large effect on my mood. ””

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““the electric guitar sets the tone of the story that the singer is portraying, the lyrics are of great detail and cleverly written, it is obvious that a lot of thinking has gone into the construction of this song, the beat is very catchy and dark. ” “The vocals and lyrics are able to set the raunchy triumphant mood from the start. The guitar solos and continuous instrumental just adds to the mood that much more. The production is clear and effects are amplified or lowered to allow the song to flow well and continue to bring a spontaneous vibe. This song has potential of being big on certain radio stations.””

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““this is a rock song with and electric feeling . High sounds with a great synchronized music .! The vocal have an exceptional voice with an attractive voice .! The song i between have a good spirit and joy in itself .! With great lyrics this song was a pleasure to listen. Loved it and it deserves 9.” “Love! Right away I wanted to get up and dance and swing my hair. This song is rock and very rock. I'm into this song. More of a 80s type of feel. The guitar solo was awesome . I like this song and will be downloading it.” “I am in love with the electric guitars, I also liked how they knew when to die down and pick up, taking the direction from how high or low the male's vocalist voice would be come. I also enjoyed the drums just as much if not more, I love how this song has areas where it will pick up and calm down. It 's an easy song to rock out to.””

“For those nights when you want to howl at the moon, this Boston rock band is who you want to be listening to! High energy, in your face bluesy hard rock!”

Keli Peirce - 7th Planet Ent


Brad - CNEU Rock Radio

“In a world of dog eat dog, you’re just a bone. Lord have mercy, talk about it LWJ!”

-Music Dish

“…the songwriting is highly effective and infectious –”

guitar 9 records

“This is high-octane rock, with blues around the edges to push the envelope that contains the lyrics along one step further. ”

– MusicDish

“To say Lone Wolf James is multi-talented is an understatement. ”

– Guitar Nine Records