London's Dungeon / Press

"This band knows how to light up a crowd, & get everyone moving..."

““This new band is turning heads...wait, banging heads is a better description...” ~Blackeye Media Productions “In The Pit for The Pit””

Starla Biage - Dallas Observer

““London's Dungeon is a band born out of disillusionment and frustration, but one that comes with a message of hope and positivity: most importantly they have the music to back it all up. Lyrically imaginative and musically muscular London’s Dungeon sounds fresh and new, marrying heavy riffs with great melodies to produce truly memorable songs. This is a band of talented musicians who all bring something unique to the table, and a band YOU WILL be hearing much more from. Anyone who loves great rock music should check out these guys. Personally I can’t wait to hear the album.” ~The Rock Pit (Rocklahoma Interview 2012)”

Shane Pinnegar - The Rock Pit News

"It's gritty,sweaty and rough. The Texas heat and Oklahoma dust had a rock 'n' roll bastard child & they called itLondon's Dungeon" ~DyHard Radio

““It's awesome when you're friends with the bands you play on the air. It's always a good time when these guys are in town...” ~BleachBangs Radio”

““You guys perform like an arena band. You killed it. That's what I was waiting for. You killed it...””

Shawn "Chilli" ROK Ambassador - Personal Quote

““London's Dungeon live show is the best. A real stand up & sing-a-long kind of band...” ~”Hard Time Radio Show”, KNON 89.3 FM”

““They make music fun again. It's refreshing to be able to promote a band that believes in what they do. Great group of guys. Very likeable & marketable...” ~Wacky Mutt Promotions”

““Take a pocketful of metal, an ounce of sleaze and some insightful lyrics laid on a bed of rock. There you have London's Dungeon...” ~The Rock Pit, Perth Australia”

““London's Dungeon fans are the best fans. They really get into the show. You would've thought Metallica was on stage...” ~Maxima Distorzion, MTV3”

““Dirty Rock 'n Roll. They have what it's all about. Stage presence, good music. Can't ask for anything more...” ~The David Ray Global Rock Show ”

““Some of Texas best home-grown rock at it's finest...” ~Randy Cooper, Guitarist, Personality Texas Hippie Coalition/Thunderwagon”

Randy Cooper - Personal Quote

"Out in the campgrounds all the talk is about London's Dungeon and their promotional man-sized chicken! Take a pocketfull of metal, an ounce of sleaze and some insightful lyrics laid on a bed of eighties rock and you have something that is sure to grow stronger. Given that this is the Dungeon's first live show there's so much promise here it's not funny. Check them out in the Dallas area soon! The guys have been distributing their first demo exclusively at Rocklahoma so if you have a copy keep hold of it!"